Green Smoothie for Puppies

Dear Friends,

Dogs love green smoothies. Often, people ask us at what age they can start giving green smoothies to their dogs. Valya has just videotaped her two 10-week-old puppies consuming their very first green smoothie. Please keep in mind the following guidelines when introducing green smoothies to you dogs: Dogs can safely have the following fruits: Apples, bananas, oranges, and watermelon. They can also eat any greens. You may have even seen your doggies eating grass at the park. Serve your dog smoothie in small amounts, since dogs are carnivores and do not need as much greens in their diet as we do. Also, dogs have smaller stomachs, and for that reason several tablespoons will be enough for a small dog, and a cup for a large dog. Enjoy this adorable 11/2-minute video.


A Special Surprise For the Lovers of the Fantasy Genre

My daughter Valya has been fond of writing stories since early childhood.
Recently Valya has written a novel, called “The Pillar of Dominance.” This is not a health book, even though one of the main characters enjoys drinking green smoothies. This is an exciting adventure story with strong morals and unexpected plot turns.

Green Smoothies Picture

This book is published in an e-book format.

Available for instant download for $9.95.

It is 295 pages.

If any of you like fantasy books, you may find more information here


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