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Bitter Greens and Arame Salad
New Video Clip from Sergei
Guy Finley’s New Book
Joy For Life Retreat 2009

Bitter Greens and Arame Salad

Arame Arame Seaweed

Arame has a mild pleasant taste. It blends well with other flavors and is a rich source of iron, calcium, zinc and iodine. Arame is also a good source of lignans which help fight cancer. (Source:

You may purchase arame at your local health food store or from Eden Foods via internet at:

Combine in a bowl the following ingredients:

2 cups chopped endive (Belgium endive, purple, or green)
1 small avocado
juice of ½ lemon
½ cup arame, soaked for 1 minute in cold water and drained
¼ jalapeno pepper thinly diced
1 teaspoon nutritional yeast (optional)
No salt needed
Yields: salad for two

This is amazingly delicious, slightly bitter salad that we have been making last week and sharing with Valya.


New Video Clip from Sergei

Click here to see the video

This time he demonstrates making the best green smoothie for children.

Guy Finley’s New Book

Fearless Living Guy Finley has a new book about living without fear, The Essential Laws of Fearless Living. I like his work and have just discovered that he has a special offer today.

Here is a link for his special

Joy For Life Retreat 2009

March 29th to April 4th

Dear Friends,

We invite you to spend a special week with us!

The Joy for Life retreat is the only retreat the Raw Family currently offers, that is why we organize it wholeheartedly. We envision a most joyous, pleasant, healing and unforgettable time for every participant. After conducting countless different retreats in the past, we have created a unique program - a perfect combination of green smoothie feasting, and the effective technique of stress reduction based on the Work of Byron Katie. In addition, Victoria, Valya, and Sergei will share with you their latest health discoveries and will answer all your questions first-hand. During the retreat we will serve a quart of freshly made green smoothie per person four times a day, along with trays of fresh organic fruit. Last year, our Joy for Life retreat was a great success and we expect this year’s retreat to be even better. Enjoy a short clip about Joy for Life retreat 2008:

Click here to see the video

Joy for Life Retreat 2009 will take place at our family’s favorite getaway, Stewart Mineral Hot Springs resort. Located in the pristine forest near Mt. Shasta, California, Stewart Mineral Springs Resort is beautiful and peaceful. You may see for yourself:

You may view more information here.

Please register soon, as the space is very limited and is filling quickly.

In Health,


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