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Pleasant Surprise Green Smoothie
Raw Family Signature Dishes
Joy for Life Retreat

Pleasant Surprise Green Smoothie
By Sergei Boutenko

½ honeydew melon, peeled, seeded, and sliced
½ bunch Italian parsley
No water needed.
Blend honeydew first, use tamper if necessary. Add parsley and blend well.

Yields 1 quart

This smoothie has a unique, delicate taste and is especially enjoyable in the summer.

Raw Family Signature Dishes Raw Family Signature Dishes

Dear friends,

I am happy to announce the upcoming release of my newest recipe book. It is written in a step-by-step style and has over 500 color photos illustrating the preparation of 16 best dishes from the Raw Family kitchen. The recipes presented in this book include jams, scones, soup, crackers, nut milk, truffles, chocolate cake, mousse cake, and more. Complete, illustrated directions make it simple for both avid raw foodists and novice cooks alike.

The price of this book is $18.90

Coincidently, both of my new books are rolling off the press on the same date and are scheduled to be delivered to our warehouse by July 25, which also happens to be my birthday!

You may pre-order either of Victoria’s new books “Green Smoothie Revolution" or "Raw Family Signature Dishes". We will grant you with free shipping no matter what country you live in. Pre-orders with free shipping will end July 25th.

Green Smoothie Revolution

Pre-order "Raw Family Signature Dishes" by clicking here

Pre-order "Green Smoothie Revolution" by clicking here

All of your pre-orders are processed daily. We currently have over 2000 stamped and signed envelopes ready and waiting to be stuffed with books. They will go out and around the globe the same day we receive the shipment of books. The scheduled shipping day is Monday, July 26th.

Joy for Life Retreat

Joy for Life Retreat Dear Friends

Our Joy for Life retreat in Canada is only four weeks away. Since I started putting together these magical retreats, I have decided to limit my participation in large raw food events because I find that I prefer to communicate with a smaller group of people on a more intimate level. During the two previous Joy for Life retreats, all of us began to feel like family and each experienced profound healing. My lectures during these retreats give me an opportunity to share and discuss my newest research that hasn’t been published yet. All of us are looking forward to meeting you on the Canadian shores soon.

If you have any questions regarding the Joy for Life retreats, please call us at: (541) 552-0966

With Green Love,
Victoria Boutenko

August 3 rd (Monday) to August 9th (Sunday) 2009 

Joy for Life retreat will take place at the Ocean Resort, located on the east coast of Vancouver Island. More info..

October 11th (Sunday) to October 17th (Saturday) 2009

Joy for Life retreat will take place at Stewart Mineral Springs Resort - located in Northern California. More info..

We enjoy working in a small, intimate group and that is why we decided to limit the group of participants to 40 people.

Many people have been asking us about Byron Katie and her “Work”. I would like to share with you her letter to all people during tough economic times. It contains Katie’s own words of wisdom and samples of exercises that she calls “The Work”.

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