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Purslane Peach Honeydew Smoothie
Our Joy For Life Retreat Blossoms
Look Inside the New Book
A Big Thank You to All Those Who Sent Their Own Recipes for the New Book
Purslane Peach Honeydew Smoothie

A picture is worth a thousand words. Watch Sergei prepare this delicious smoothie in just one minute.

Purslane and Peach Movie

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Nutrition facts and Information for Purslane, raw:

Purslane is a common weed found in most of the United States. To find purslane in your area, talk to any organic farmer and they will point out this weed to you perhaps sell you a box of them. I often go to farms and ask permission to fill a large banana box of weeds for $20.

Our Joy for Life Retreat Blossoms

Dear friends,

We have just returned from our Joy for Life Retreat in Canada. It went amazingly well. After living on green smoothies for seven days, all 34 participants claimed to feel at least ten years younger. Several people stopped feeling their arthritic pain, two men reversed the symptoms of diabetes, other participants began sleeping better, one lady stopped having severe migraine headaches, and everyone reported younger skin, more energy, and diminishing of unhealthy cravings.

We liked the location so much that we are planning to have another retreat at the same place next year in the summer. Valya made a short video of this retreat.

Joy for Life Retreat

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The word of mouth begins to spread and our next Joy for Life retreat is filling up quickly with participants coming from different countries, including Japan, Australia, and Russia.

Our next retreat takes place on October 11th - 17th at the Stewart Mineral Springs in Northern California.

We are also planning one in January on the East Coast, and one in April, 2010 in Byron Bay in Australia.

You may find more information about our retreats at

A Look Inside the New Book

Raw Family Signature Dishes

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A Big Thank You to All Those Who Sent Their Own Recipes for a Book "Green Smoothie Revolution"

Green Smoothie Revolution

Important announcement:

From several hundreds of recipes that we received over the last three years, we carefully selected 35 recipes, tested them, and included in the book.

If you have found your recipe in Victoria?s new book and still have not received your free copy, please email us your current postal address. Put RECIPE as the subject line, and we will mail you a book promptly.

To order either of Victoria’s new books "Green Smoothie Revolution" or "Raw Family Signature Dishes" please visit our store here.

With Green Love, Victoria