I have received so many requests about the true raw organic almonds that I decided to connect with the grower again. The good news is that this year’s crop of almonds is very abundant, so the price went down a lot! This is the same farmer, whose almonds we sold last year, many of you appreciated the quality of these nuts. My schedule this year does not permit me to help with distribution. To find out more about the almonds or to place an order please send an email to:

Free Kale Chips Recipe and an E-book from Vanessa

Last week my very good friend, Vanessa, was helping me with editing my new book. She brought some raw kale chips to share, which were delicious, crunchy, and, most importantly, salt-less, I asked if Vanessa would share her recipe with us. Please enjoy Vanessa’s lovely essay about food, along with her free kale chips recipe and her new recipe e-book.

Is Food Love?

It is a natural truth to nurture ourselves with food. Loving and feeding are intertwined. As infants, we are cradled while we nurse. As children, we depend on mother and father for food. Gathering together with the family at dinnertime, the physical sustenance maintains our bodies, and at the same time, the hours spent with our loved ones sustain our hearts. Food is an expression of love, and we tend to associate certain foods with happy times. Yet fortunately for the raw foodist, food itself is not love.

Once we learn that our foods have been poisoning us, we can never look at them the same way again. Yet our hearts still crave the memories of the foods we love, in connection with the experiences we share with our dear ones. This can be the most challenging part of going raw. How can you go out for pizza with your coworkers? How do you enjoy quiche on a Sunday afternoon with your parents? Will you ever taste lasagna again, and hear the oohs and ahs of the whole family as it's taken out of the oven? Isn't it fun to just break open a bag of chips and chat with your friends? What about birthday cake and ice cream?

The ways of raw food can be challenging and nothing will ever be quite the same again. You may have learned why raw food is good for you, and experienced some energy highs by eating raw for short periods. However, until your chemistry completely changes, you might still crave certain memorable foods. It can comfort the heart to learn how to make classic dishes from raw ingredients. I've created a number of dishes using nuts and seeds (and fruits and vegetables), which emulate the delicious flavors for which many of us hold a sentimental fondness. I put all the recipes together into an eBook called, Nuts Over Nuts! Many of the recipes use a dehydrator, a food processor and a blender, equipment for any serious raw foodist.

Ultimately, gourmet raw cuisine should be eaten sparingly because of the high fat content in nuts and seeds. However, making one of these recipes every week or so can be the perfect way to help you stay raw while enjoying your favorite foods and learning raw preparation at a gentle pace. And for every special meal you create, you can invite a friend over to share it with you. If your personal favorite isn't in this book, maybe the practice and techniques will help you figure out how to develop that dish dearest to your memory!

The free recipe for Kale Chips and Nuts Over Nuts! is available by clicking here.

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With Green Love, the Boutenkos

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