Another Recipe from The Joy for Life Retreat

Joy for Life Retreat Persimmon Pudding

Blend well:
3 ripe persimmons
3 cups spinach
1 cup water

Yields 3 cups

Calling All Dental Professionals

Dear Friends,

So far we have been surprised to receive feedback mostly from children, adolescents, and senior citizens. Several mothers have shared with us that their babies prefer the Jawcerciser™ to any other teething toys. Some teenagers have said that they enjoy chewing the Jawcerciser™, especially while doing their homework. Senior citizens say that the jaw exerciser helps them take their medicine by promoting saliva flow.

We have only heard from a few dentists and dental hygienists. We would like to inspire dental professionals to use Jawcerciser™ in their practice. Jawcerciser™ promotes natural dental health; it improves the bone density of teeth and jaws, and increases the natural oral resistance to pathogenic bacteria in one’s mouth. We believe Jawcerciser™ is a powerful preventive tool. To encourage dentists to experiment with this device and possibly recommend it to their patients, we are offering a Jawcerciser™ free to any practicing dentists anywhere in the world.

If you are a dentist, and would like to experiment with the Jawcerciser™, please email us the name of your practice along with your mailing address and we will send you one at no cost.

For more information or to place an order please visit

Green Wave Reaches Russia

Based on popular demand, we now have a website in Russian.

Please feel free to pass it on to your Russian-speaking friends:

"I Chose to Live” Says Clent

Valya has created a touching interview with the Costco employee Clent Manich, who lost 226 lbs and conquered diabetes. Clent is very heart-felt and we hope that many people will be inspired by his simple and stunning example.

Clent Manich inspiring interview

Joy for Life Retreat

We still have a few openings left for our retreat in Pacific Palisades in Southern California, taking place on February 7-13, 2010. This event is becoming so popular that many participants return for a second time. At our October retreat we had six second timers. This is our reminder that returning guests receive a $100 discount at our Joy for Life retreats.

I would like to share with you this letter I received from our Japanese attendee.

Joy for Life Retreat The retreat was an extraordinary experience for me. It was definitely worth a trip from Japan. I had been drinking green smoothies for a while almost everyday but it was my first time to have them for every meal and I could definitely feel my body enjoying it so much! Each smoothie was different and delicious and I was surprised at how 1 glass of GS made me so full. I never felt hungry through the whole week. After a long flight from Tokyo I was expecting to feel exhausted but the smoothies made me feel energetic and I was able to get up every morning for early morning yoga classes. By the end of the week I noticed my skin tone turn a shade lighter. I didn’t have a chance to weigh myself but my skinny jeans felt a lot looser than before, especially around the thighs. Most of all I felt very positive and happy!! I enjoyed all of Victoria’s classes and learned a lot from her. Not just about the benefits of green smoothies but from the way Victoria shows her passion and expresses her self in order to spread the greatness of smoothies and eating raw. I am really looking forward to introducing green smoothies widely in Japan.


Don’t forget to visit our Blog and Forum The blog contains many of Victoria's popular articles and recipes. On the forum you can ask questions from other members and find Raw Food and Green Smoothie support.

With Green Love, the Boutenkos

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