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Every time I go to the farmers market, I buy a bunch of turnips, daikon, or radish with leaves. The turnip or radish leaves are pleasantly spicy and are perfect for making a green soup.

The entire turnip (as well as radish) plant is edible and nutritious. Many people don’t realize that turnip leaves (as well as radish leaves) are many times more nutritious than roots. For example, the greens of turnips and radishes contain approximately six times the vitamin C that the roots contain. That means that while 6 radish roots provide about 34 percent of the RDA for vitamin C, the greens from these same six radishes provide 200% of the RDA for vitamin C.

Greens of radish and turnips are also a very good source of calcium, potassium, copper, folic acid, lutein, and the trace mineral molybdenum.

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The following green soup took me under three minutes to prepare and everyone in my office loved it.

Blend well:
2 cups water
3 cups turnips, daikon, or radish greens (approximately one bunch)
4 large ripe tomatoes, cut
1 small ripe avocado, without seed and skin

Enjoy with dulse or other sea vegetables and sprouts, or any grated veggies.

That was the soup I made last week in Oregon. Today Valya and I happen to be in Mexico, visiting a friend. We have been to a farmers vegetable stand today and as a result we are having a slightly different variation of Green Radish Soup. Mexican Radish Greens Soup.

Blend well first:
1 leaf Napoli cactus (if you have a Vitamix you may leave the spikes, as they will safely blend thoroughly, if you have any other kind of blender, remove the spikes before blending)
1 inch of aloe Vera leaf
2 cups water
2 cups radish greens
4 large ripe tomatoes, cut
1 small ripe avocado, without seed and skin
1 tiny piece habanero chili pepper

Enjoy with dulse and hibiscus flowers, and/or any grated veggies.

As you can see, I have taken the original idea of the radish greens soup recipe and adapted it to my present environment. I invite you to do the same. Chose any green smoothie recipe that appeals to you, think of a seasonal or local variations you can make and enjoy always a new taste.

To make sure my recipes are delicious, I always prepare a test recipe before sending it to my email list. However, your local produce can have a different flavor. For example the fruit could have more sour taste, or greens could be more bitter, etc. For this reason I recommend that you always try your own creation before serving it and adjust its taste.

If it tastes too sour, you may add a little slice of avocado. If your smoothie is too bitter, you may squeeze a little lemon, add another tomato, or throw a piece of apple into your smoothie.

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