How I Paid My Brother $200 to Start Drinking Green Smoothies

Boutenko Brother

When I translated my book, Green for Life, into Russian I was hoping my relatives would immediately read it and heal themselves. In view of this, I presented a Vitamix blender to my younger brother Val for Christmas. For nearly two years thereafter I continued enthusiastically sending the Russian translation to my brother. Somehow, Val wasn’t as thrilled by green smoothies as I was, and happily passed my books on to his friends without ever reading them himself.

Recently, Val and his family immigrated to Canada. For several months they couldn’t find jobs. One day my brother’s wife Tanya called me and informed me that Val needed $200 but was too shy to ask for it. While listening to her, I devised a sneaky plan. I called my brother and told him that I was looking to hire someone with a technical mind, (Val is a computer engineer) to read through my book and give me suggestions, to see if anything was wrong, or needed to be revised. I would be paying $200 for this tedious job. My brother was delighted with this opportunity and asked for a copy of my book, (as he had given away all the others). I said, "Sure, I think I might have another one around here somewhere..." and rushed a copy to him second day air.

Three days later, I awoke to the ringing of my telephone at six in the morning. It was Val. He said to me,

"Vicky, as soon as I received the book yesterday, I sat down at my desk armed with a yellow marker and a red pen. I was really looking forward to finding all the errors and teach you a lesson or two on science. However, I somehow forgot about the pen from the very first page. I couldn’t put the book down till I read the whole thing. What a simple and clever idea these green smoothies are! I cannot wait to try one. Forget about sending me 200 dollars, but please wire me a few dollars so I may buy some greens! Also, I was so excited about green smoothies, that I immediately started calling my friends to tell about the benefits. I was shocked to find that they already knew! And that their entire family had been regularly enjoying green smoothies ever since they got a copy of the book from me!"

While sending Val the money I promised, I thought to myself that occasionally it can take some effort and imagination to help our loved ones.

Seeking Your Testimonials

Dear friends,

Green for Life I am excited to let you know that I am currently revising my book, Green for Life. The new edition will be published by North Atlantic Books in August 2010.

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