Variations of Green Smoothies

There is an unlimited variety of possible ways to create a perfect green smoothie. With dozens of edible greens and hundreds of fruits appearing throughout the year, we have a chance to partake in a new green smoothie every day. Each new type of apple or pear or citrus brings a different nuance to this healthful drink. To illustrate these immense opportunities, Sergei and his girlfriend Brianna have documented 15 different green smoothies in the following video clip. Sergei’s intention is to encourage the viewer to experiment, have fun and improve health all at the same time. Enjoy!

Variations of Green Smoothies

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Good News about Thailand Joy for Life Retreat

Joy for Life Retreat - Thailand Dear Friends,

We were able to reduce our expenses and as a result have cut the cost of our Thailand retreat by $200. This has lowered the price from $1200. to $995. The new price applies to those who have already signed up and anyone from now on. To learn more about this retreat or to sign up, please visit:

Our Southern California retreat (Feb. 7th-13th) is now sold out.

Greens for Homeostasis:

A chapter from Victoria’s book Green For Life.

The main difference between living things and non-living things is that living entities can repair themselves and thus adapt to the changes of the environment to a great extent, while the things that are not alive can get broken and destroyed. For example, if you tear a leaf off of a plant, it can grow a new leaf. If you cut the skin on your finger, your skin will heal itself. Alternatively, non-living things like rocks or man-made constructions, no matter how big and strong, if damaged can not repair themselves. For instance, after catastrophes like earthquakes, avalanches, and tornados people have to rebuild their homes, roads, power plants, etc.

This extraordinary ability of all living organisms to repair themselves is the only power that can heal any illness. All other healing techniques invented by people can be successful only if they are directed towards helping the body’s own natural ability to regulate itself. A human body can heal a disease only when all bodily substances such as lymph, blood, hormones, and countless others are maintained within particular optimal parameters.

A physiological process that keeps all substances in the body at the levels necessary for optimal body health is called homeostasis. This process is extremely complex and the complete understanding of its mechanism goes far beyond our three-dimensional imagination. We are grateful to recognize that homeostasis is the most important process in the body. The simple truth is: if we are helping our homeostasis – we are taking the best possible care of our health. Click here to continue reading...

Green for Life

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Victoria’s Trip to Europe

In February, March and April of 2010, Victoria is giving a lecture tour in Europe and Israel. She will be speaking in eighteen cities. The subject of most of her lectures will be green smoothies and the benefits of greens. Victoria is bringing her blender with her and will try to provide a sample of green smoothie for every attendant. Please inform your friends and loved ones who live overseas. To view her schedule please visit

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With Green Love, the Boutenkos

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