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A note from Victoria in Europe

Dear Friends,

Never in my life have I traveled for so long on my own. Today is my 46th day away from home and family and I still have a two-inch-thick stack of tickets to utilize in the up-coming 64 more days of my journey. So far I have taught 34 lectures in 14 cities and have given over 20 interviews to different magazines, TV and radio stations.

Snowy Forest I live in Southern Oregon and don’t own a winter coat as it never gets very cold here. Before my journey began on February 2nd, I decided to purchase a warm coat for visiting Russia and other cold territories. It ended up being an almost impossible task to obtain a winter coat in Oregon. After hours of driving around, I was able to find a single white alpine jacket on a clearance rack, a size or two larger than I needed. Valya said, “Mom, take it just in case, most likely, you won't even need it” Was she wrong! Look at this forest in St. Petersburg. I simply won’t survive in Russia without my super-insulated coat.

Finland I have been wearing my winter coat daily now for almost two months. This is what I saw last week while arriving to Finland in a train. Impressed with such a white winter wonderland, I started my next email home with “Greetings from snowy frosty Finland!” The reply said: “Greetings from sunny apple-tree-blooming Oregon...” Amazingly diverse world!

Victoria enjoying a smoothie In the entire duration of my tour I haven’t missed a day of having a green smoothie. I carry in my suitcase a small “Tribest” blender for 220 volts, especially for Europe. It is a small 1-cup size and perfect for traveling. Today I am having a spinach-mango smoothie.

In Sweden I had one of the most profound experiences during my lecture. When I arrived at the venue, there was a high tech desk provided and it included a computer with an Internet connection. I decided to play my Green Smoothie Song to the audience as the music to this song was written by the Swedish group ABBA. It appeared that everybody in the audience knew that ABBA song. So, they started to sing along, all 130 people! When they came to the words “Thank you for the music” and they heard me singing “Thank you for the Smoothie” people started laughing! We sang and laughed together. This was a very enjoyable experience.

Victoria enjoying a smoothieHere is this song again for you in case you missed it before:

The Green Smoothie Song
In the past I used to collect material objects. At one time I owned a large collection of Russian nesting dolls. After reading a book about Mahatma Gandhi, who owned only three things: a piece of cloth to wear, glasses, and a notebook to write in, I gave all of my collections away to friends and experienced a profound sense of liberation.

Presently I am collecting cold rivers and lakes and hot springs, in which I swim. That is why, on my day off in the United Kingdom, I decided to travel to the legendary Bath city. In this historical town, I added to my collection a Thermal spa and Roman bath. The thermal spa is a hot springs facility, located on a roof of a tall historic building. People are soaking in the hot mineral pool under the stars, with an Abbey lit with projections on one side, and a beautiful cathedral on the other.

Victoria enjoying a Juice As any other tourist town, Bath is full of pizzerias and fast food restaurants. After a long search, I found this tiny juice bar and was happy and grateful for a cup of fresh organic juice.

As I am visiting various communities I use this opportunity to gather valuable data on raw and vegan dieting in different climates. I interview as many raw-fooders and vegans as possible from different towns and countries. I am especially interested in vegans who sustain their diet in northern territories, such as Finland, Sweden and St. Petersburg (Russia), where the sun in December rises for as little as 3-4 hours.

I met with people who lead a vegan lifestyle and had the privilege of discussing with them the particulars of their diets. I was fortunate to gather a lot of valuable testimonials, which I plan to share with my readers in the near future. So far, the main conclusion I have made is as follows:

It is everyone’s personal choice and responsibility what to eat, and everyone has a unique body that may have its own reactions to any type of foods;

Most people enjoy better health on a predominantly raw, mostly vegan diet with the emphasis on consumption of greens.

I will continue my quest and will share more with you later.

Greenfully Yours,


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The Miracle of Greens Sergei’s “Miracle of greens How greens and wild edibles can save your life” DVD makes understanding and identifying wild edibles easy. From Sergei’s experience of traveling the world and teaching about greens, he has noticed that the cost of organic greens can be very high in some areas. Sergei believes that to make the benefits of greens accessible to everyone, no matter what their budget, people should learn about how to safely identify wild greens. This DVD will take you on a wild edible hike with Sergei, where he will demonstrate how to find edible greens in your back yard.

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A Quote from Byron Katie

“The only time we suffer is when we believe a thought that argues with what is. When the mind is perfectly clear, what is - is what we want.” ~ Byron Katie ~

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With Green Love, the Boutenkos

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