Wild Trio Green Smoothie

Blender of Greens Dear Friends,

After 124 days of traveling I am finally back home in Ashland, Oregon. I am pleased that I returned home just in time for picking young tender weeds everywhere in the forest, the park and even in my own back yard. Due to the rainy spring, there is such an abundance of greens available here that every day I come up with a new combination for my green smoothie. I crave wild greens so strongly that I often blend myself a super green smoothie. Here is a sample of my favorite recipe that I would like to share with you. I called it “Wild Trio” as I’m using three of the most potent greens that are in season now.

I like using local fruit whenever I can. At the same time I enjoy the texture that tropical fruit gives my smoothies, so I alternate local and tropical fruit.

Wild Trio Green Smoothie with Local Fruit

Wild Green Smoothie with Local Fruit

1 bunch lambsquarters
1 bunch stinging nettles
1 bunch miner’s lettuce
1 pear or apple
1 cup strawberries
3-4 cups water
Blend well.

Yields 2 quarts
Wild Trio Green Smoothie with Tropical Fruit

Wild Green Smoothie with Tropical Fruit

1 bunch lambsquarters
1 bunch stinging nettles
1 bunch miner’s lettuce
1 mango
1 banana
3-4 cups water
Blend well.

Yields 2 quarts

Please be cautious when identifying wild edibles! You may check how to recognize these three greens in Sergei and Valya’s book Fresh or search for its description and photos on the Internet.

Humorous Moments from My Tour

When traveling in different cultures it is almost inevitable to run into humorous situations. I invite you to have a laugh with me.

In Thailand:
My favorite sign at the entrance of our hotel in Bangkok..

No Durians

In Germany:
After translating my lecture a dozen times my interpreter memorized parts of my talk by heart. At one time, he forgot about me and kept talking for about ten minutes until he noticed a strange look in the audiences faces. By then I also sensed that his translation was much longer than what I had said. I whispered to him. "Did you just finish the topic?" He nodded and we went on with the lecture. From then on I learned never to stand behind my interpreter.

In Israel:
For convenience I always carry with me a small alarm clock. My flight in Israel was very early in the morning. As usual I passed through the security and entered the boarding area. I sat in one of the chairs among many people waiting to board. It was at that time my alarm went on ‘Beep, Beep, Beep’. First I didn’t realize it was my alarm, so I froze and began looking around me in panic. Suddenly I noticed that everyone was moving away from me and my backpack. I quickly took out my alarm clock and stopped it and apologized to the alarmed passengers. Now I always make sure my alarm button is down.

In Japan:
A woman asked me to autograph her Japanese copy of Green for Life. I signed it and returned it to her, she looked concerned. I asked her what was wrong; she pointed to my autograph and asked in her thick Japanese accent "who is this Ro-ve?" I looked at my autograph, which said “from Victoria with Love.”

In Thailand:
Did you think it was Hot Dogs? I thought so too, but they were… Barbequed bananas

BBQ Bananas

Joy for Life Retreat

Ocean Resort
Dear Friends,

We are now almost sold out for our up-coming "Joy for Life" retreat in Canada. There are only a couple of spots left. If you are interested please contact Emily immediately by e-mail (info@rawfamily.com) or phone (T: 541 488 8865, ext. 2).

For more information on our Joy for Life Retreat please visit www.joyforliferetreat.com

With Pouring Green Love, Victoria

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