Wheatgrass Green Smoothies

To increase the variety of greens in my smoothies I sometimes use wheatgrass. You may grow your own wheatgrass or buy it in a store. From time to time I purchase a small pot with wheatgrass in soil that is sold for pets. Wheatgrass grows very fast, and I usually get three harvests of grass clippings from a small pot for my green smoothies. Wheatgrass is inexpensive and extremely nutritious. Adding it to a smoothie is perfect for those who wish to benefit from wheatgrass but do not like its taste. The strong flavor and smell of this plant is easily masked by the taste of fruit in the smoothie.

Wheatgrass like any other green, contains a minute amount of alkaloids and should be alternated with other greens. It is best to use a high speed blender when preparing a wheatgrass smoothie.

Wheatgrass Purple Wheatgrass
Blend well:
2 cups fresh-cut wheatgrass
1 banana
2 cups blueberries
2 cups water
1 peach
Yields 1.5 quarts

Wheatgrass Chowder
Blend well:
1 cup fresh-cut wheatgrass
2 stalks (ribs) celery
½ avocado (without seed and peel)
1 lime (peeled)
2 cups water
1 hot pepper (optional)
Yields 1.5 quarts
Serve in a bowl, sprinkle with sprouts and seaweed.

Cream of Wheatgrass
Blend well:
2 cups fresh-cut wheatgrass
1 banana
1 Mango
1 cup strawberries
1 sprig of mint (optional)
2 cups water
Yields 1.5 quarts

Jawcerciser™ Feedback

Jawcerciser™ FeedbackDear Friends,

Our Jawcerciser™ has been out for eight months. We now have collected a lot of valuable feedback both from our customers and from dentists. It appears that the Jawcerciser™ became especially popular with children of different ages. Here are some testimonials we received:

"Victoria I have to tell you that when I first heard of your Jawcerciser™ I was very sceptical. I tried one only because it was created by you and because I trust you. My son who was nearly eight years old at the time, still had all of his baby teeth and we were worried that he was not going to have adult teeth come through.

My son started chewing his Jawcerciser™ twice per day for a few minutes at a time and after just a few short months his baby teeth loosened. He has now lost four teeth and his adult teeth are coming through.

I personally have used my Jawcerciser™ and have found that chewing before eating improves my digestion. Thank you for this wonderful product. You’re a gem.
-Jennie from Australia: "

" Thanks to regular use of your Jawcerciser™ I see positive improvements in my 14-year-old son’s oral health. T is my youngest child out of three. Both of my older kids had their wisdom teeth removed.

At first I bought one Jawcerciser™ and we both shared chewing one, T had one end and I had the other. T soon loved it so much that he began chewing for long periods of time, particularly while doing his homework. I am pleased to let you know that he was chewing this device in place of chips or other snacks that he always used to graze on while preparing his homework. After several weeks T has chewed through his side and began chewing my side. In six months he chewed through three Jawcercisers™ The last one is white and it has been holding for several months now.

T is an energetic child, he moves all of the time- He says Jawcerciser™ is soothing for him As a mother, I hope T won’t have to go through the painful procedure of extracting his wisdom teeth, I believe chewing with resistance is a preventative measure to assist my son’s jaw bones in growing so his wisdom teeth come though naturally. To me, training a jaw bone in this way makes sense as it is similar to the concept behind osteoporosis prevention."
- V.L. from Oregon:

" Your Jawcerciser™ became a favorite teething toy for my 16-months-old baby. I tell all my friends who have babies about this excellent product." -M.J.:

" I am impressed with your teeth gizmo: the packaging and all. Very well done! I use it every day and it is very pleasant to use, my jaws feel good. - A. H.

" I love using the Jawcerciser™! Thank you so much. It made me realize how much tension I put into my jaw. After several weeks of chomping, when I go to sleep at night, my teeth feel like they are on a cloud! - L. M.

" I used to grind my teeth, after using the Jawcersiser™ I stopped. Thank you! -A.E

We thank all customers who tried various types of our jaw exerciser™ and gave us their honest criticism. Based on your feedback, we have chosen the style that everybody evaluated as the most convenient to use and longest lasting. We are discontinuing the other three styles. These three discontinued items will be available at 50% off until we sell them all.

You may purchase your Jawcerciser™ at our online store by clicking here.

Valya’s New E-Book

Ocean Resort
Dear Healthy Dessert Lovers,

Valya’s new e-book is now available for your enjoyment. The 7 Desserts is illustrated by mouth-watering step-by-step photography from our friend, Robert Petetit. We invite you to watch a free short video from Valya which demonstrates her favorite coconut pudding recipe from this e-book.

Click here to watch the Video

The new e-book is available for $9.95 from our store. To purchase please click here

With Pouring Green Love, Victoria

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