Green Smoothies for Diabetics

Dear Friends,

Our family receives almost a hundred emails per hour. Approximately every fifth email is about diabetes. As you probably know from our family story, my son Sergei was diagnosed with diabetes at the age of nine. Ever since that time, my family has been gathering all articles, books, videos and other information about diabetes.

Today, seventeen years later, we know a lot more about this disease. There is still vast information to be discovered about diabetes. More and more facts bring new light to the cause and the cure of this illness.

Sergei has just released a new free video, in which he tells how he reversed the symptoms of his own diabetes.

Sergei's Diabetic Story

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Green smoothies seem to be especially helpful. For example, in the following testimonial, a teenager describes how his blood sugar normalized after seven days of living on green smoothies. Obviously he cannot live on green smoothies forever. Yet regularly adding green smoothies to a diabetic's diet can definitely decrease the amount of insulin injections needed, which is very important. For some diabetics, reversing diabetes might not be possible, still, reducing the amount of injections is certainly desirable, and minimizes the side effects caused by insulin injections.

8 Year Type 1 Diabetic Stabilizes

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Most doctors agree today that type 2 diabetes can be controlled by dietary changes. The following heartfelt interview with George demonstrates how a man who was skeptical to a possibility of reversing his condition with a diet, changed his mind over the course of two days.

Goerge Beating Diabetes

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Note that both the teenager and George were drinking smoothies prepared with fruit. There is a very important difference between ripe, organic fruit and unripe, nonorganic fruit. I would not recommend unripe nonorganic fruit to anyone, especially diabetics. I have heard from several hundred people, including diabetics as well as people with candida, that they also observe that ripe organic fruit is beneficial for their health. For this reason, I make a special effort to buy vine-ripe, organic fruit whenever possible. I go to U-Pick farms in the summer. At the farmers' market, I purchase the ripest fruit, which is often cracked, bruised, doesn't look perfect and is reduced in price. Such fruit often attracts fruit flies, which is a good sign. If you never see fruit flies in your kitchen, it may indicate that the fruit you are consuming is not ripe and organic.

Tip: To catch fruit flies, place a bottle with half an inch of apple cider vinegar on the bottom. After most of the fruit flies enter the bottle, close it and take it to your compost pile, then release them.

We offer you another video testimonial of reversing diabetes, from our newsletter archives. Please click here to read more

Diabetic Testimony

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Please note that we are not medical doctors. Here in this newsletter we only share our experiences, because we believe it is valuable. We recommend that you consult your doctor for medical advice.

Green for Life – New Edition

During this year, I have been working on the new edition of my book, Green for Life. I have added a whole new chapter to it about the benefits of omega-3 oils. I added more delicious recipes, many astounding new testimonials and a number of smaller changes.

I sold the rights to this book to North Atlantic Publishing Company. According to our agreement, after the release of the new book, in about a week I won't be able to sell any of my previous editions of the Green for Life book.

We have a little over 200 copies left in our warehouse. I have decided to sell these books quickly at 50% off.

Green for Life has been my best-selling book. It has been translated into 26 languages and approximately 250,000 copies were sold worldwide. Now is perfect time to buy quantities of this wonderful book at half-price and pass it to your friends and loved ones! Quantity discounts apply.

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Green for Life – Audio Book

Green for Life Audio Book

When I travel, I like to listen to audio books. This way, I can "read" a lot more. Knowing that many of you feel the same way, I have created the Green for Life audio book. I narrated it myself so that you can have me with you in your car, living room, or gym for a little over three hours.

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