How to Juice Pomegranates

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We are so glad that you enjoyed our previous newsletter with information about the outstanding benefits of pomegranates. Many of you asked exactly how to juice these miraculous fruits. Here is how we do it in my family. You may use any electric citrus juicer. We especially like the CitriStar we bought from because of its powerful motor. Since juicing pomegranates is a bit more complicated than juicing oranges, Valya and I made these photographs for you.


Good tip #1: Choose smaller, dark red ripe pomegranates that yield slightly to the touch. Cut pomegranate in half.

Good tip #2: Place a plate under the pomegranate to avoid staining your cutting board red forever and to save some extra juice.

When cut correctly, you will be greeted with a beautiful red star.
Begin to juice just like you would juice an orange.
When you get to the seeds hidden in the folds as shown in this picture, tilt the pomegranate so that the ream of the juicer is pointed towards each pocket of seeds.
You well see that is very easy to juice most of the seeds.
To collect every bit of the precious juice, you may grab the seeds and the pulp and squeeze them with your hand.
Freshly squeezed pomegranate juice is often tart in taste. In my family we like to juice an orange or two on top of the pomegranate.
This picture shows a juice made of two pomegranates and three oranges. I like to drink this cocktail every morning during the short pomegranate season

Green and Goofy Video from Valya

The holidays are over, but the fun never stops. Enjoy with a green smoothie!

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Joy for Life Retreat

We are excited to share with you new information about our retreats in Thailand and Sweden.



We visited the venue for our retreat in May -- Nai Yang Beach Resort in Phuket, Thailand. We found it to be exquisite. The resort is a 15 second walk away from a world-class beach; the resort is quiet and is surrounded by an old growth evergreen forest with many 1000 year old trees. The National park borders both sides of the beach. It takes 4 minutes to walk to the national park in one direction from the resort and 6 minutes walk from the other. The airport is a 10 minute ride away. An amazing farmers market where the produce is of excellent variety and quality is only a 15 minutes walk away. The resort has been rated 4 stars; the rooms are spacious, beautiful, air-conditioned, and clean. You may see the slide show here:

Here is the updated cost:
$1195 per person for double occupancy
$1395 per person for single occupancy
This price includes accommodations, meals, workshops, and educational materials.
The non-refundable deposit is $200 per person.


Joy For Life Retreat - Sweeden

The updated information about our Joy for Life retreat in Sweden June 6th-June 13th, 2011:

Cost: $995.00 per person. This price includes all workshops, meals, and educational materials. The price does not include accommodations. Payments for the accommodations will be made directly to the resort upon your arrival to our event on June 6th. All rooms are designed beautifully and are eco-friendly rooms with soft beds. Some rooms have a private shower and bathroom, some share communal showers and bathrooms. All rooms are insulated with ecological material such as wool, sawpowder, linen, hemp, or recycled newspapers. You may choose from several various options from double-occupancy rooms to sleeping on mattress on the floor, prices ranging between $30 to $ 65 dollars US per night.

In order to hold a space for you we require a $200 non-refundable deposit at the time of reservation. The balance is due upon arrival.

More Details:

With Green Love,
Victoria Boutenko

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