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It is with great pleasure that I introduce to you one of my heroes and one of the best doctors in the United States: Dr. Thomas Lodi from Mesa, Arizona. Dr. Lodi is an invaluable friend to many cancer patients.

Valya and I visited his outstanding healing center and did this interview with him. If you like what Dr. Lodi says, please don’t hesitate to support this brave man by leaving a comment and marking the "like" button. Feel free to pass this video to your lists and websites.

I resonate with Dr. Lodi’s work because I too trust the healing potential of the human body. Every day I encounter profound examples of how the body heals itself. After several of my friends shared their concerns about irregular bleeding, I decided to share the following article.

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On Irregular Bleeding in Women

By Victoria Boutenko

I am not a medical doctor and that is why I refrained from commenting on this topic for many years. However, recently my dear friend had her uterus removed, because she experienced unexpected bleeding soon after she adopted a vegetarian diet. In this article I am attempting to share with you my important observations, as a friend.

Here is my story. When I was 19 years old, after giving birth to my first son, I developed a condition called cervical erosion. My gynecologist horrified me by suggesting cryotherapy, which is application of liquid (frozen) nitrogen. She said that if it didn’t work I would have to undergo a hysterectomy. She scheduled my procedure to take place in one week. Frightened, I decided to perform a water fast. I was hoping that it would help me heal faster after cryotherapy, and thus avoid the hysterectomy.

To my horror, on the third day of my water fast I started to bleed profusely. It lasted for two days and then stopped. However, when I came to the scheduled cryotherapy, to my greatest thrill, the gynecologist told me I must have been misdiagnosed, and that I didn’t have any sign of erosion. I did not tell her what I did, but I remembered this episode vividly.

Throughout my life, when different girlfriends of mine shared about their gynecological problems, I told them my story. Only a few of them chose to take such a drastic measure, and fasted on water. Amazingly all of those women were helped, to various degrees.

Since I published my book Green for Life, I am constantly receiving emails from women who started to bleed suddenly after either adopting a raw food diet or drinking green smoothies. This article is my response to all these sisters. Don’t rush to do a hysterectomy. Maybe your bleeding is the way of your body to clean your organism of toxins. Give it a chance to run its course.

Think about this: If I hadn’t done my three day fast and instead had followed my doctor’s recommendations, I would not have the amazing experience of Sergei and Valya in my life.

It is true I am not a medical doctor, but I am a woman, mother and grandmother. If my experience could help improve somebody’s health, I choose to share it.

Valuable Blog about Children, Pregnancy and Raw Food.

Jinjee Talifero

While I was preparing this newsletter another dear friend came to mind, Jinjee Talifero. Jinjee is a mother of five, who dares to share many of her intimate thoughts online, including her valuable experiences with natural childbirth. Many women would be jealous of the way Jinjee’s belly looked just one week after her fifth baby. You may pass a link to Jinjee’s pregnancy ebook to any young mothers you know.


Here also is Jinjee’s weblog, where she generously shares her insights on a wide variety of subjects helpful to mothers and raw foodists.


With Green Love,
Victoria Boutenko

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