My Recent Trip to Russia

Dear Friends,

You have not received newsletters for a while because I went to Russia and then held a Joy for Life retreat in Los Angeles.

Moscow Airport Bombing

The day before I left the United States, I learned from the news about the explosion at Domodedovo Airport in Moscow. Many of my relatives and friends advised me not to take the risk of travelling to Russia. When making the decision I closed my eyes and imagined how my trip would go. I saw clear pictures of my successful journey and especially envisioned my safe return back to the United States. Deep inside I felt totally safe.

I landed at the very same airport 24 hours later and was able to see the candles and flowers left by the relatives of the 36 victims killed in the terrorist attack.

My New Book

Victoria's Newbook

Now I feel it's the right time to disclose the goal of that short visit to Moscow. Thanks to having two grandchildren, I recently started writing children's books. As I was reading out loud to them, along with the wonderful books such as "The Giving Tree", "The Ugly Duckling" and others, I found books full of lots of little cues and promotions that deliver messages of unhealthy habits and even aggression. From studying physiology, I learned that the human belief system is mostly formed by the age of six. I began thinking about how to transcribe my message to five year olds. Wouldn't it be wonderful if children could understand the body’s self-healing mechanisms and our interdependence with nature? Inevitably, stories for children began to pop into my head.

So far, I have created six tales. Since I majored in art, but I have not practiced drawing or painting for many years, I decided to seek my old classmates in Moscow and find a passionate and talented illustrator for my children's stories. I am thrilled to let you know that I made contracts with some of the best illustrators. I expect to self-publish my first children's book in March of this year. I decided to go with self-publishing this time because the whole process is a lot quicker. I will keep you posted and tell you more as soon as possible. For now, here is a sketch of one of the characters from this book.

Common Hair Treatment Kills School Teacher in Kazakhstan

During my visit in Moscow, another shocking episode occurred. I was surprised to hear from several women, that they will, "Never ever again color their hair!" My sister, Marina, explained to me that a few months ago, one tragic event made the headlines of every major paper and TV news channel. Apparently, a 31-year old school teacher applied a routine color treatment to her hair, as she had done for many years on a regular basis. Only this time, she has developed an allergic reaction, she felt burning and the skin on her skull quickly began to swell. The young woman attempted to wash the color off without any success. Her heart stopped in an ambulance on the way to the hospital. Official expertise concluded that the chemicals in the coloring treatment killed her. To the shock of the nation, this hair coloring treatment was very common and widely used. Here is one of the links to this information: I so much appreciate that I was able to reverse my graying hair by regularly consuming green smoothies and never had to use any hair coloring.

Tenth Joy for Life Retreat

The Joy for Life retreat that we conducted in Los Angeles was our tenth and once again very successful. Every participant reported various improvements in their health. We had another case of type 2 diabetes reversed, which is what this short video is about.

Diabtes Healed Naturally

We still have spaces available at our retreats in Thailand and Sweden. To learn more about our Joy for Life retreat, please follow this link:

The Great Health Debate

While I was travelling abroad, I missed one of the most interesting events on healthful living - The Great Health Debate. Kevin Gianni has videotaped and recorded the debates between leading experts in Natural health. I have got my package and am going to watch/listen to it this weekend.

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With Green Love,
Victoria Boutenko

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