Ashland Dentist Speaks About Amalgam Fillings

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Many people are not aware that mercury is a main component of dental amalgam, also called "silver fillings". Scientists agree that dental amalgam fillings leach mercury into the mouth, but studies vary widely in the amount. As a result, there is a conflict of views over the use of amalgam among the dentists of different countries. While it is still widely used in the United Sates, dental amalgam use is banned in Norway, Sweden and Denmark since 2008i The concern centers on the health effects of toxicity or allergy which is associated with constant mercury exposure, particularly as a potential cause of chronic illnesses, autoimmune disorders, neurodegenerative diseases, birth defects, oral lesions, and mental disorders.ii

If you decide to remove your amalgam fillings, you need to carefully choose the dentist for this procedure. Your dentist needs to use special equipment and other precautions to prevent any mercury poisoning.

Dr Jared Anderson Video

We are fortunate to have such doctor in our town. Valya went and interviewed him. We love to give our support to progressive doctors. Please meet Dr. Jared Anderson, who has successfully removed tens of thousands of amalgam fillings.

Click here to watch this Video

If you live in Oregon or Northern California, his website is:

Children’s Books Have Arrived

Yesterday the children's books arrived in a big truck. You should have seen me hopping around my office in delight after I held in my hands two of my very first books for children!

The first two copies went to my two grandchildren – Nic and Lily, Stephan’s children. They are after a big surprise: the main characters in "A Gift from Little Bear" clearly resemble them both as well as their mother, Tasia (my daughter-in-Love. I am very excited that the artists were able to capture the likeness.

You may order these books at our website by clicking here.

I hope your children will like my books and will ask for more fruits at the dinnertime.

With Green Love,
Victoria Boutenko


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