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Sergei's New Video on Wild Edibles
Jaw Exercisers™ Get Positive Feedback
Raw Food World Summit Organized by Steve Prussack

Sergei's New Video on Wild Edibles          
Dear Friends, During the past summer, Sergei continued to collect new information about wild edibles, researching their possible uses, He summed up his latest findings in the following three videos, each about 11 minutes long. By watching this video I discovered at least two plants that I myself didn't know were edible. I'm excited to use them in the future. Enjoy these highly informative videos.

Sergei Videos
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Wild Edibles iPhone App

Wild Edibles iPhone App


"I am so proud to announce that my iPhone wild edible app is finally out! I spent almost the entirety of last winter compiling valuable information on wild edibles. This app not only helps the user learn new edible plants, but it also offers nutritional highlights for every plant, provides you with a recipe for each plant, gives you tips on how to gather / eat each plant, and much more…"

In The iPhone App Store

Click here to go to to download the Wild Edibles iPhone iPhone App

Jaw Exercisers ™ Get Positive Feedback Jaw Exercisers
We continuously receive positive reviews of our Jaw Exercisers™, especially the rubber (white) ones. I was very pleased to hear from the director of a choir in New York who for the second time has purchased a large number of jaw exercisers for her singers. Apparently they use them to warm up before singing, to improve their vocal tone.
Another repeat customer, Ruth from Colorado, wrote to me: "I am hooked on this simple tool, and I use them at least twice per day!! I have one in the car, and one at my bedside!! My teeth are strong and white and my dentist tells me my teeth look beautiful!!! I owe it all to the Jawcercisers."
I received more emails from parents of children ages 5-9, confirming that using the Jawcerciser™ by children improves the healthy formation of permanent teeth.

To purchase the Jaw Exerciser™, please click here:

Raw Food World Summit Organized by Steve Prussack

My friend, Steve Prussack, has recently put together this comprehensive program. To celebrate his birthday he offers the Raw Food World Summit this week at an incredible price.

You will learn:

  • How to easily transition to a raw food diet and overcome craving
  • Ultimate strategies for staying raw in any climate during any season
  • How to eat delicious raw foods on any budget
  • How to get enough vitamins and minerals to thrive
  • Important Information About Vitamin B12
  • The best source of "raw" protein
  • What is the BEST plant-based diet?
  • How to share your lifestyle choices with those you love without sounding like you are preaching or becoming overbearing
The program is on sale this week for MORE THAN HALF OFF its normal price. You may look at it clicking here:

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