Green Smoothies Web App for Any Phone or Computer!

Dear Friends,

Three months ago we created an iPhone app called, "Green Smoothies." It became very popular all over the world and gained 5-star ratings for its valuable and accurate content.

Now we have put together a Green Smoothie Recipe Web App that works on any modern mobile device such as an Android, Blackberry, iPad, and even the computer.   The Green Smoothie Recipe Web App can be found at

We have decide to let you use it absolutely free!

With this web app you can have instant access to countless green smoothie recipes. What makes my program unique: It contains nutrition data that accompanies every ingredient and each recipe. Along with this data, I have included the nutritional highlights of what foods are beneficial for particular health conditions. For example, raspberries are associated with colon cancer protective properties, parsley has been shown to inhibit tumor formation in the lungs, and lemons are useful in conditions like colds, flu’s, and recurrent ear infections. All of my nutritional highlights come from the best, most trusted sources one of which is

We recommend you bookmark this site so you can easily access it anytime. You may save a bookmark to your mobile device's home screen to quickly open "The Green Smoothies Recipe Web App."

Those of you who own iPhones now have two choices:

  • You may view the free web app on your internet capable phone or computer.
  • You can still purchase the iPhone app for $1.99 for the sake of its extra convenience in use. For more information or to purchase the iPhone app - Visit the App Store

I Have Measured the Radiation in My Back Yard

When I heard about possible radiation level increase, I went on-line and purchased a professional radiation meter. I carefully studied the instructions for its use and began measuring daily radiation inside my house as well as outside.

As you can see, here, in Ashland, Oregon, the radiation today is 1 mrem/hour, which is very low. 1 mrem (millirem) = 0.00001 Sv = 0.01 mSv

For comparison: International Commission on Radiological Protection recommended limit for volunteers rescuing lives or preventing serious injuries: 1000 mSv.

If any of you own radiation meters, maybe you can share your measurements with us. This way we can all have some reliable data.

Joy for Life Retreat in Thailand

One of our favorite retreats is an international Joy for Life retreat in Thailand. This year it takes place from May 7th to 13th. The retreat will take place at a 4-star breath-taking resort. The rooms are spacious, beautiful, air-conditioned, and clean.

Nai Yang Beach Resort is located on a secluded stretch of sand on the Northwest coast of Phuket. The entire area is under the supervision of Nai Yang National Marine Park, making it protected, quiet and safe.

The resort offers unforgettable views, seclusion, and access to a variety of activities including a dive center, shopping plaza with the unique souvenir and professional Thai and foot massage. You may receive excellent $4/hour Thai massages daily.

Nai Yang Beach Resort is a 15 second walk away from a world class beach. The resort is quiet and is surrounded by an old evergreen forest with many 1000 year old trees. The national park borders both sides of the beach. It takes 4 minutes to walk to the national park in one direction from the resort and 6 minutes walk from the other. The airport is a 10 minute ride away.

By the way, April is peak fruit season in Thailand, especially for durians. We are planning to serve a lot of ripe, organic fruit along with green smoothies. An amazing farmers market where the produce is of excellent variety and quality, is only a 15 minute walk away from the resort.

In addition to our workshops, you may choose to enjoy:

  1. the beach
  2. snorkeling
  3. scuba diving
  4. bicycling
  5. hiking the national park
  6. going to the Temple and market
  7. shopping for Thai made clothes and souvenirs
  8. receiving a massage

Please note: this retreat is filling up quickly! Space is limited to 40 people.

More details:

With Green Love,
Victoria Boutenko

Visit the Green Smoothies Blog for the latest information from Victora about Green Smoothies and there amazing benefits.

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