Victoria and Valya Explore a Crop Circle

Dear Friends,

We have a most amazing experience to share with you. On our way form Africa to Sweden, where we are holding our next Joy For Life retreat, we had a layover in London, U.K. We saw an article in the local newspaper that read, "Croppies Delight." It announced several bran new crop circle formations not far from London.

We have heard a lot about this phenomenon. Some people believe these signs were messages from God, while others say they are alien made. And of course, there are skeptics who blame the trumped grass on hooligans and pranksters. These circles have been appearing worldwide for some thirty years. We decided to visit one and form our own opinion. We have chosen the following beautiful crop circle, located near the town of Swindon. This photo of the crop circle we visited was taken from an airplane by the local photographer Oliver Morel.

Crop Circles

Early in the morning we took a train to the town of Swindon, the location, mentioned in the article. There we found the tourist information center. At first we didn't know how to ask the serious man behind the counter about our unusual search. To our surprise, we were handed a slip of paper titled, "Crop Circle Code of Conduct," and directed to several locations.

Crop Circles

Since the circle we wanted to see was pretty much in the middle of nowhere, we had to hire a taxi. We were fortunate to run into Anthony, a dedicated driver who promised "to get us there no matter what."

We searched for hours, because the crop circles are extremely difficult to spot from the road. Suddenly Valya exclaimed, "There it is!" We parked the car and carefully entered the field following the tractor tracts so as not to disturb the wheat.

Crop Circles

It was absolutely beautiful. There are no words to describe this work of art. When we stepped into it, we didn't feel any overwhelming feelings, (as were described by other crop circle visitors) but we felt a sense of sweet peace and safety. As you can see from the photos the shapes were perfect, and the edges were sharp.

Crop Circles

All the wheat was lightly pressed to the ground in uniformed directions. On the picture below you can see Valya near the center of the circle where the wheat formed a swirl.

Since crop circles last only a few days and very few people are able to find them, we feel blessed with such rare opportunity. This pattern became special to us and we are curious to solve the message encrypted into this pattern. If any of you have thoughts about what this formation could mean, please share with us.

Victoria and Valya

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