Jawcercisers™ are Back in Stock

Dear Friends,

Several months ago, we lost our manufacturer of jaw exercisers, due to the unstable economy. It was hard for us to find another good quality producer. We visited many different factories in different states and even other countries. Finally in May, we found a reliable manufacturer. We are striving to not only produce the same high quality devices, but to improve them as much as possible

Now the jaw exercisers are back in stock! So far we offer only the silicon ones. We think they have a better taste – no taste at all. The rubber ones will also be available soon. We are not going to produce any more round shaped jaw exercisers, but only the square ones. We had to raise the price a little, due to the increase in material costs. The new price is $25

We thank all who have sent us your feedback. At first, when the Jawcercisers™ were a completely new product, we did not know what to expect. Initially I thought they would be equally used by people of all ages. Now we observe that the #1 users are children of all ages. Babies enjoy them as teething toys. Parents of older children find jaw exercisers to be extremely helpful in developing their children’s permanent teeth. Parents of teenagers sent in testimonials that Jawcercisers™ help straighten their kids’ teeth and limit unhealthy snacking.

Adults reported decrease in night teeth grinding, stress relief, and overall improved breath and even a whitening effect.

Please note that we recommend using each Jawcerciser™ for only a few weeks, or as soon as they show signs of wear, similar to toothbrushes.

For those of you who are not familiar with the Jawcerciser, we invite you to visit the following website: www.jawcerciser.com

You may purchase the jaw exerciser here: Order Here

Youthful Bodybuilder

At our last retreat, we were all shocked to find out that this youthful man was already 50. Men and women will all be inspired by Valya’s new five minute documentary – a testimonial of a well–built man who stays in great shape with green smoothies and raw food. We find his story helpful to anybody who would like to become fit.

Click here to watch the video

If you would like to learn more about Grai Beal, visit his website: www.oneononehealth.ca

Nomi Shannon’s Unique New E–Book

Recently I was interviewed by well-known raw food chef and author Nomi Shannon. Her new e–book is written from an unusual angle. It contains week–long menus of 48 raw fooders who reveal their detailed food journals. You will recognize some famous names in Nomi's fabulous book “What Do Raw Fooders Eat?”

This collection offers you hundreds of new ideas for your table. For more information, visit this link: “What Do Raw Fooders Eat?”

With Green Love,
Victoria Boutenko

Visit the Green Smoothies Blog for the latest information from Victoria about Green Smoothies and there amazing benefits. www.greensmoothiesblog.com

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