The Peak Time for Picking

Dear Friends,
This is the peak of the summer and one of best times for picking wild edibles growing around us. One of the most prevalent edibles (and perhaps the most under-appreciated) is the dandelion.

In the previous video ( Sergei discussed how you can use dandelion greens in smoothies, salads, and other dishes to reap all of their nutritional goodness.

And what about the flowers? Dandelion flowers are extremely nutritious; they are an excellent source of Vitamin D, similar to their greens. In addition, dandelion flowers help detoxify our inner organs, and alkalize the body. The following†instructional and entertaining video demonstrates three fun ways to eat dandelion flowers. Click here to watch the video

Sergei’s New Rap Song

While harvesting wild edibles, it is wise to exercise caution and make sure you pick only edible plants. If you are not sure that something is edible, don’t eat it! Here is Sergei’s new hilarious music video about this:

Click here to watch the video

A Gift from Sergei - Complimentary Wild Edible Web App.

His iPhone paid app became very popular and received many 5-star comments from users. Now Sergei has completed a new wild edible web app. For those of you who don’t have an iPhone, iPad, or iPod, but still want to learn about wild edibles, you can now log on to Sergeiís website, and use the app for FREE from any device that has internet access (phone, computer, tablet, etc). Visit Sergeiís web app here:

You will have to create a login for yourself. This will enable the web app to save your information, letting you add your own photos and descriptions to each edible.

Finally, if you own an iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch, you can purchase Sergeiís Wild Edibles app for $2.99. Once it’s downloaded onto your phone, you will be able to easily access all the information on the go regardless of whether you have internet! This app is loaded with 70+ edibles that can be found around the globe. In addition, this app has many helpful tips about safe wild crafting techniques. Check out the iPhone app here: /id430951647?mt=8

We wish you all safe and delicious wild edible gathering!

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