Let the school year begin with a healthy message

Dear Friends,
When I wrote my books for children, I was hoping to plant a seed of curiosity about nutrition into their young minds. It warms my heart to read the feedback I receive from parents and teachers, along with my own two grand children.

Here are some samples:

This is a book we have been waiting for, for a long time. The children at our school all love to read this book. In fact its a good beginning reader for young children. This book supports parents in teaching their children good eating habits! -S.

I recently bought this book for the toddlers I work with and they adore it. The message of healthy eating is subtle and yet very effective at getting its message across to the listener. For some reason, it is very difficult to find illustrated children's book with a nutritious message, they are few and far between. So I was elated when I heard about this book. This was a sweet story that is so simple in its message, however it is also so necessary for our children. Obesity and many childhood illnesses are on the rise, and books like these just shine a light of hope that there are other choices out there...healthy choices and right choices. -W.S.

I absolutely love the sweet illustrations in this book, as well as its message to encourage kids to eat more natural foods. This book offers some subtle, yet strong messages. In a world of mixed messages and marketing for children, Victoria's book brings a fresh perspective and lots of love. L.B.

We love the fact that our kids love this book AND it's about healthy foods. It's so easy these days to get your kids hooked on junk food, because it's very addictive! Having reading activities that combine fun time with learning about healthy food is an awesome idea. -N.

My dream is to bring as many of these books into as many schools and daycare centers as possible. To inspire you to contribute these books to any school, library, or family, I offer both books for the price of one for the month of September.

Let the school year begin with a healthy message!

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You may buy both books for $8.99 plus shipping

You may purchase this special here.

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