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Are Green Smoothies Good or Bad?
Reversing the Irreversible, Remake Featured by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger

Are Green Smoothies Good or Bad?         
Dear Friends,
Recently several people have sent me the link to a blog post at, asking me to comment. I was very surprised to read the post, as I am so used to seeing and hearing nothing but positive results from green smoothie drinkers. I took several days to research where this information came from.

The blog post criticizing green smoothies referred to the words of Dr. T. Colin Campbell. I was not able to find similar statements anywhere in Dr. Campbell’s books or articles. On the contrary, I found a soymilk/fruit smoothie recommended by Dr. Campbell in a sample diet on his homepage. You may find it in the last paragraph in the grey box here: Also on another page of Dr. Campbell’s website, there is a wonderful article by Brendan Brazier, recommending smoothies as easy and convenient and packed with nutrition, especially when "green foods" are added.

Green Smoothie The blog post criticizing green smoothies also referred to the comments of Dr. Esselstyn. I read the entire article by Dr. Esselstyn, from which it is clear that Dr. Esselstyn did not refer to green smoothies. He was asked about smoothies right after he talked about fruit juice. He definitely referred to fruit smoothies and didn’t say a word about green smoothies. In one statement Dr. Esselstyn said, referring to fruit smoothies, "the fiber is so finely pureed that its helpful properties are destroyed."

There are several scientific articles studying finely vs. coarsely ground fiber. One such article compared bran particles of 2 mm to less than .7 mm. This study found that both fine and coarse fiber have only 2% difference in performance. Moreover, the researchers stated "Fine bran causes less disturbance of gastric physiology than coarse bran" 1 and discussed how finely ground fiber increases nutrient absorption, and reduces bloating, heartburn, and constipation.

In other articles I found similar statements: "particle size of the fiber source did not affect performance." 2 As you can see, both doctors didn’t state that green smoothies were bad and their words were used out of context. I invite you to try drinking green smoothies for a week and see for yourself if you feel better. To observe is our birthright. If we utilize our ability to observe, we can free ourselves from the labyrinth of confusions. I believe that our own conscious observations are a thousand times more important than any rigid scientific claim.

When people remove green smoothie from their diet, I wonder what they replace it with? Are they going to eat more salads, which will inevitably include oil and salt? Are they going to increase the consumption of cooked food? More grains and soy? It is not easy to replace green smoothie with anything equally beneficial.

I know some people, including my daughter, who can eat a large bag of romaine or arugula without anything on it. But even Valya cannot consume a bunch of dandelions, or lambsquarters. or stinging nettles on their own. One of the top benefits of green smoothies is that I can see with my own eyes what I put in my blender. Green smoothies are a food I can trust.

During the last several years, I have conducted fifteen week-long green smoothie retreats. I had the opportunity to observe almost a thousand people living on green smoothies for seven days. The positive effects of green smoothies exceeded all of our expectations. Driven by the desire to share this valuable observation with as many people as possible, Valya began to videotape the participants who wanted to share a testimony. You may watch many of them at no charge here:

Reversing the Irreversible, Remake Featured by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger

Reversing the Irreversible Remake

Valya has just finished the remake of her documentary "Reversing the Irreversible". To watch the preview, Click Here.

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1 Effect of bran particle size on gastric emptying and small bowel transit in humans: a scintigraphic study
R Vincent, A Roberts, M Frier, A C Perkins, I A MacDonald, R C Spiller. Gut 1995; 37: 216-219


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