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EZ Dehydrated Soup by Sergei
Don't Forget to Exercise Your Jawbone

EZ Dehydrated Soup by Sergei         
Dear Friends,
Here is a two-minute fun instructional video from Sergei. This is the raw soup that we mentioned in our books and articles. Enjoy!

EZ Dehydrated Soup

Don't Forget to Exercise Your Jawbone

Today is an exciting day for me! I have received a big fancy envelope from the United States Patent and Trademark Office notifying me that my Jaw Exerciser™ (Jawcerciser™) has been examined and is allowed for issuance as a patent. This process took six years of research, calculation, and correspondence with the Patent Office.

Jawcerciser™ has become one of our most popular items. We receive a steady flow of positive feedback from customers, especially from parents and dentists.
Several dental corporations have expressed interest in acquiring rights to the Jawcerciser™.

I am not quite ready to sell the rights just yet. I would like to conduct one more study to measure jawbone density improvement in different age groups after use of Jawcerciser™. To learn more about the Jawcerciser™ you may watch this video.

Jawcerciser - Jaw Exercise

To order a Jawcerciser™, click here.

Please note that the white Jawcercisers™ made from natural resin generally last longer than the tan ones made from natural silicone.

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