About Diabetes and the Power of Observation

About Diabetes and the Power of Observation

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Dear Friends,

Since Valya’s newest documentary "Reversing the Irreversible" was released, we received lots of questions about diabetes. I find myself in a difficult position- I am not a medical doctor and legally am not allowed to give any medical advice. Even though some conclusions are obvious, I am not allowed to even point in their direction. Legally. But we want to help if we can. That is why Valya has chosen a script that consists entirely of other people’s testimonials. By watching it you may come to your own conclusions. And that might save your life. While we cannot give you recommendations, we are allowed to share our personal observations. For example:

While conducting my green smoothie retreats, I have noticed an interesting trend in the tastes of our participants. In the beginning of the retreat, it didn’t matter how many fruits we put into their smoothies, most of the people commented that the smoothie was not sweet enough. However, their attitudes usually changed towards the end of the week, when the participants noted that the smoothie was too sweet, despite the fact that it consisted of 70-80% greens and only a small handful of fruit.

As I was pondering of this phenomenon I remembered another story. My diabetic brother shared the observation with me that when he was a teenager, he needed only one teaspoon of sugar in his tea to be satisfied. When he developed diabetes, he noticed that he began feeling the presence of sugar only after adding nine teaspoons of sugar to his tea. He complained to his wife that the sugar became less sweet and was surprised to know that she was still satisfied with one teaspoon of sugar in her tea.

Considering both stories, it was logical to suggest that most people in today’s world have slightly elevated blood sugar due to a common consumption of refined foods in their diets, and as a result they have stronger insulin resistance, a physiological condition where the natural hormone insulin becomes less effective at lowering blood sugars. After searching on the Internet I was able to find several studies that confirmed my hypothesis. 1

Now I understand what happened to the tastes of my retreats’ participants. On the first day of retreat many of them still had elevated blood sugar and even very sweet green smoothies tasted savory to them. As they abstained from processed and refined foods during our retreat, and penetrated their bodies with healing chlorophyll by drinking four large cups of green smoothie daily, their blood sugar normalized and they became satisfied with a much more balanced taste.

Observation constitutes the foundation of every science. You and I, like everyone on this planet, have the right to make observations and draw our own conclusions, whether we are scientists or not. Our personal experimentation helps us stay in charge of our own lives. No scientific data can substitute for our own experience.

I strongly believe, now more than ever, that it is safer to go on raw food for two weeks to see for yourself how you feel than to read ten books and follow their recommendations without having any idea why. Through our careful observations we all have the ability to clearly see the results of our actions.

I hope to inspire you to start observing which of your actions makes you feel and look the healthiest, and as a result to create a personal plan that will work for you in the best way. You are your own best expert.

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1 Type 2 Diabetes - Can You Taste Sweetness in the Food You Eat?  by Beverleigh H Piepers,  http://ezinearticles.com/?Type-2-Diabetes---Can-You-Taste-Sweetness-in-the-Food-You-Eat?&id=3873532

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