The Miraculous Benefits of Using the Jaw Exerciser

       Dear Friends,
It has been seven years since I applied for the U.S. patent for the chewing device that I named "the Jaw exerciser" or "Jawcerciser." Finally, last week the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office Patent notified me that I am to receive my patent within several weeks. I am very happy and excited!

I believe that this simple tool will help lots of people to improve their dental as well as overall health. I constantly receive emails from those of you who have been regularly using Jawcercisers, of many improvements that you have experienced in your oral health. Thank you all of you for your on-going support!

In keeping ourselves physically fit, we seldom think of exercising our cranio-facial musculature. In the gym, people exercise all their muscles except the cranio-facial complex. In addition, modern food is often heavily processed and, as a result, too soft, Mashed potatoes, pancakes, pasta, or bread don’t provide sufficient pressure on our teeth, causing development of a low bone density in our jaw bones. Secondly, such on-going lack of chewing leads to shrinking of our salivary glands. According to a scientific research, saliva possess enzymes that attack the cell walls of many bacteria, digest its cell walls, rupturing and killing bacteria. Jawcerciser© enables anyone to compensate for missing adequate chewing.

Regular use of the jaw exerciser naturally increases the saliva flow and provides proper resistance for your teeth. Use of Jawcerciser© for 1-3 minutes (or more) once or twice a day can greatly improve your oral and overall health.

To use Jawcerciser place the one side of Jawcerciser© in your mouth in between your teeth with the thicker part up. Chew on 5-10 minutes (or longer) daily for a healthy mouth. Rinse with clean water after each use and dry with a towel.
Please watch this one-minute video about Jaw exerciser:
How to use a Jawcerciser
or click here:

We carry two kinds of jaw exercisers, one is made from natural silicone and the second is made from natural resin. The white ones from natural resin last a lot longer. While the silicone ones last only two to six weeks, depending on how intensively you using them, the resin jaw exercisers may last up to a year. The only reason why we carry silicone jaw exercisers is because some people are allergic to the resin.

Jawcerciser made from natural resin $25

You may purchase Jaw exercisers Here.

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