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Sergei's New Music Video
Green Smoothie iPhone App Update

Sergei's New Music Video

Dear Friends,

Once, when I was ten years old, my father told me that the best gifts are the gifts we give ourselves. I didn’t believe him. “It cannot be so”, I thought. On my next birthday my father invited me to go to the mountains to pick wild strawberries and blueberries so that my mother could prepare a jam from them for the winter.

Make great tasting green smoothies We left early in the morning even before the buses started running and walked all the way from our apartment to the forest and hiked all day long with a short break for lunch. We found lots of berries and gorged on them until our mouths became sore from eating them.

We returned home in the late afternoon carrying lots of berries. My father brought a large bucket and I carried a smaller container, approximately three liters (3 quarts) in size. I was tired and proud of all my accomplishments, helping family and being able to work all day. I remember how my father explained that we covered about sixteen kilometers (10 miles) that day. My father and I returned home just in time for a special supper my mother prepared for my birthday. The food seemed to be super tasty. My parents presented me with some toy; I don’t remember now what it was. At the table father asked me if I had a good birthday. “I had the best birthday!” I replied, feeling deeply happy inside. I finally understood what my father had meant about the gifts we give ourselves.

Since then, I have always tried to gift myself in this way on special occasions. I enjoyed jumping in a ice-cold rivers on New Eve’s Days, finishing books by my birthday, participated in races, and even fasting on water on Mother’s Day.

Naturally, I encouraged my three children to adopt this way of celebrating and they love doing so. Today, November 27, Sergei is celebrating his 28th birthday. He has created a new song, and has put together a new funny video clip to go with it. Enjoy!

Green Smoothie Hustla Video

If you like the song you may purchase the audio for 99c Here

Green Smoothie iPhone App Update

Green Smoothie iPhone App Coincidentally, today we have posted an update to the Green Smoothies App making it version 4.0. We included the ability to rotate the screen, it now has native support for iPad. We have further improved this program and made it compatible with the new IOS version 6 and iPhone 5/iPad 4 devices. If you own this app please update it. You may find more information Here.

In The iPhone App Store

Sincerely, Raw Family
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