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Where to Swim on Vacation?
Healthy Holiday Gifts for Your Loved Ones

Where to Swim on Vacation?

Recently my daughter Valya and I spent a week in Fiji. Every morning and every evening we went for a "walk and a soak". We tried to stay in the seawater for at least 30 minutes twice a day. We avoided swimming in the bright mid day sun, as we don’t use any suntan lotions.

Vacation Resort The most astonishing was that we were almost the only visitors who preferred swimming in the seawater to soaking in a gigantic and fancy swimming pool. Several thousand other guests stayed exclusively in the pool even though the ocean was only 30 feet away from the pool.

If you are planning to go on vacation during this holiday season, please consider the following information.

Millions of people in the U.S., mostly women, have thyroid disorders. Low thyroid function affects approximately 20-25 percent of the female population and about 10 percent of males.1 Research indicates that about 70 percent of women with PMS have low thyroid levels, which make the ovaries less able to produce progesterone leading to PMS symptoms. 2

The body concentrates Iodine in the thyroid to make thyroid hormones; this is known and accepted. What is missed is that because of this "body priority" usage of Iodine, other tissues in the body end up lacking in this vital nutrient… Do you know what part of the body concentrates Iodine the 2nd most? Breast tissue. There is some interesting data showing that women with low thyroid levels and women who take thyroid medicines have a higher incidence of breast cancer. The Japanese people, as a rule, have a much lower incidence of breast, endometrial and ovarian cancer than women in the U.S.3

Iodine is easily assimilated by our bodies during sea bathing and therefore is healing for thyroid. Have you noticed that your nails become a lot stronger after swimming in the seawater? Strong and healthy nails are a sign of healthy thyroid.

In this photo Valya demonstrates how healthy her nails became after swimming in seawater.

Healthy Sea WaterProviding Iodine is only one of multiple benefits of sea bathing. The ocean contains many vital elements that we need: vitamins, trace elements, mineral salts, amino acids, hormonal and bacteriostatic substances that have biological balancing effects, and living microorganisms that secrete antibiotic. The body easily assimilates these substances when bathing in seawater. In addition, it has been discovered that seawater is similar in composition to our blood plasma.

Happy swimming to all those lucky ones who gets to enjoy the seawater this holiday season!

Healthy Holiday Gifts for Your Loved Ones

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