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Dear friends,
We have experienced more demand for our books than we expected. We gave away 250 books with the first 45 minutes of publishing our newsletter. Unfortunately we cannot give away as many books as we have requests for. However, we have decided to extend the savings and offer the next 1,000 books for $5.00.

Dear Friends,

I was so touched by your overwhelming responses to my last newsletter, that I feel moved to sell 100 copies of my most popular children’s book for $5, "Green Smoothie Magic." There will a shipping fee applied.

Healthy Mom and Daughter After you read this book with your children, I invite you to ask your children the following questions:

1) What can an acorn do?
2) What is the magic juice in green leaves called?
3) Can people make chlorophyll by laying in the sun on the beach?
4) Where can people get chlorophyll?
5) Why do people need to eat foods that contain chlorophyll?
6) What is the tastiest way to consume chlorophyll?

My only request is that after these books are read by your children, you do not give them to second hand bookstores, or sell them on-line, but rather pass the books along to a library, school, or another family with children. I dream that my books will have a long life, and serve lots of children.

I wanted to share with you one of the many responses I received from my readers:

"I am so grateful for your insights on raising children. Your words speak to my heart of what I already know but was afraid to acknowledge. When I followed your words and was true to my instincts, I had the best day ever with my two teenage boys. I could see the change in their smiles, their eyes, and I felt great. I hope you will continue to share more and more on this topic. You and your children are "earth-changers" - the Oprah's of healthy relationships."

To order your complimentary book click here.
One book per person, please, United States only.

Sincerely, Raw Family

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