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Dear friends,

I am pleased to introduce to you my dear friend, Philip McCluskey. I met Philip in 2008 at a Raw Spirit Festival. I was amazed by his remarkable story. Philip fasted on green juices first for 30 days, then for 60 days, and later for 100 days. He lost 215 lbs. and healed himself from a number of serious ailments.

There are hundreds of Philip's videos on-line. The following five-year-old video is one of my favorites, it is full of still helpful information and clearly shows Philip's enthusiasm and passion for helping others.
View the Living Raw Video

Now, Philip became a popular and skillful trainer, who helps thousands of people around the world. Last week he told me of his new program that I completely support. Philip and his wife Casey offer their personal coaching via Internet for one year at a reasonable price.

The first four videos are complimentary. They give you a chance to try their coaching and see if it would work for you. You can watch the first video by signing up here now:

This is a very comprehensive training. They certainly do cover the practicalities, and they also look at the mental and emotional sides of health, addressing important issues such as emotional eating and having a positive mindset.

Philip and Casey are both coaches, which means they encourage and inspire people on a regular basis to take action and make real improvements, through a combination of making you feel loved and supported and challenging you to do what's necessary.

You can watch Video 1, "6 Steps to Getting Healthy, Hot and Energized" by clicking here now:

Love, Victoria


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