Another Book Give-Away

Dear Friends,

We have received many heart-warming testimonials and inspiring photos. Here is one of my favorites:

"Your books fill a need as to what is available out there regarding health awareness material for our kids! That -I LOVE!!! My husband and I brought "Green Smoothie Magic" book to my son's kindergarten and our Vitamix, along with some pears, spinach, bananas, and strawberries. We read the book and then made green smoothies for the class. The kids went bezerk!!!! Wanting seconds, reading the book! Their parents were all asking, "How on earth did my kid drink a green smoothie?" We showed parents your book "Green for Life" and, of course, "Green Smoothie Magic."

Green Smoothies for kids Coincidentally, this week, my book Green Smoothie Magic" has been listed as one of the top "50 Inspiring Children's Books with a Positive Message"

This comprehensive list is very helpful to all people who have children in their care. It is not a list of bestsellers, but a list of carefully selected books from the point of view of a loving parent and caring educator.

Two weeks ago we gave away 250 copies of "Green Smoothie Magic" book. I will be grateful if any of you would leave an honest comment on Amazon. You can leave your feedback here.

I now feel moved to give away 250 copies of another children's book I wrote called, "A Gift from Little Bear." This book is an entertaining story about a playful little bear who learns to eat healthy through a meaningful adventure in the forest. There will be a $2.53 shipping and handling fee.

A Gift From Little Bear After you read this book with your children, I invite you to ask your children the following questions:

1) How did Little Bear like to spend his time in the forest?
2) Why did Little Bear feel sick?
3) How did his mother explain what bears could eat?
4) Why did Little Bear have a hard time falling asleep?
5) What idea did Little Bear have?
6) What was Little Bear's gift for the children?
7) What are your favorite berries?

My only request is that after these books are read by your children, you do not give them to second hand bookstores, or sell them on-line, but rather pass the books along to a library, school, or another family with children. I dream that my books will have a long life, and serve lots of children.

To order your complimentary book click here.
One book per person, please, United States only.

Love, Victoria


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