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Note from Valya - How to Choose and Plant a Bare Root Fruit Tree
Live Teleconference with Valya
Valya's Top 4 Recommended Nurseries for Mail Ordering Fruit Trees
Health Education for Children

Note from Valya

February has become my favorite month because it’s the best time of year to plant fruit trees. In the Northern Hemisphere, nurseries and even commercial stores are now carrying an abundance of baby trees. You will find cherries, peaches, apples, pears, apricots, Asian pears, plums, figs, mulberries, pomegranates, and grapes for sale almost anywhere!

You may even mail-order your plants if there are no plant nurseries near you. Planting a fruit-bearing tree is a wonderful weekend project that will reward you with fresh ripe fruit for the next 50-100 years! Growing food in your own back yard provides a reliable and sustainable food source that is as delicious as it is practical.

Watch this short video I put together to make sure your fruit tree selection and planting will be a shining success.

Planting Bare Root Fruit Trees

Live Teleconference with Valya:

We invite you to a live 60-minute teleconference with Valya. This is the best time of year to plant fruit trees, and Valya has a lot of information to share about organic fruit growing practices. She will answer all of your questions regarding backyard fruit planting.

The teleconference will take place on:

Saturday, February 16th at 1:00PM Pacific Standard Time.

The cost of this teleconference is $19.50. To sign up Click Here

Valya's Top 4 Recommended Nurseries for Mail Ordering Fruit Trees

Planting Bare Root Fruit Trees     1.   One Green World:
    2.   Peaceful Valley Farm Supply:

    3.   Raintree Nursery:

    4.   Logees:

Health Education for Children

We are committed to the health education of young children. Take a look at our special healthy library just for kids. Our books are available at and

Our iPhone Apps are created by human artists (not computers) and are fun, non-addictive, and educational. There are free versions available also. Unfortunately we cannot create these games for Android phones. For more information click here.

Sincerely, Raw Family

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