I Love Greens Book Give-Away

Dear friends,

Since becoming a grandmother I have been talking to lots of little children. I observe that most children and even toddlers become irritated by their parents’ advice to eat healthy. What measures do we have in our arsenal to teach health to our youngsters? Not much, especially in comparison with the huge amount of advertisements of unhealthy foods and drinks coming at them from media.

Children's books with a health message can motivate your children to eat healthier. What inspired you to eat healthier? Was there a book that encouraged you to improve your diet? We receive many emails from parents telling us how their children read our books again and again and started to make better food choices. Here is the story I received after our previous book give-away:

"When I first read your book "Green for Life" in 2006 I've been making green smoothies almost daily. However, my three daughters never loved them and refused even to try the smoothies that I made. About a month ago I bought your children books. My daughters really loved your books. I was pleasantly surprised when they began asking me for green smoothies and fruits. They even explained to their friends and teachers why we need to eat more greens. Fun stories and cute illustrations make your children books invaluable for children." (Andrea O,. Oregon)

Encouraged by the feedback we received, today we are giving away 250 free copies of another children’s book called: "I Love Greens."
"I Love Greens" is an elegantly illustrated board book that tenderly teaches toddlers about the importance of eating healthy. The colorful illustrations in this book are filled with a charming humor that makes readers want to look through them again and again.
This book received the Bronze medal in the Living Now Book Awards. There will be a $3.50 shipping and handling fee.

After you read this book with your children, I invite you to ask your children the following questions:

1) Can you name five animals that eat greens?
2) Why do animals eat greens?
3) How can humans eat greens?

My only request is that after these books are read by your children, you do not give them to second hand bookstores, or sell them on-line, but rather pass the books along to a library, school, or another family with children. I dream that my books will have a long life, and serve lots of children.

To order your complimentary book click here.
One book per person, please, United States only.
After we give away 250 books, we offer the next 500 "I Love Greens" books for $3.50.

Sincerely, Raw Family

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