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New Research about Russian Centenarians
A Portrait by a Street Artist
Sergei's New Book

New Research about Russian Centenarians

Dear Friends,

We have been fascinated with longevity for a long time. The world has several locations where people consistently live to be over a hundred years old, these places are commonly referred to as “blue zones”. Eastern Siberia has a blue zone. This year we decided to meet with some of the centenarians. A centenarian is a person who lives to or beyond the age of 100 years.

Sergei, Valya, and I are now in Russia where we are currently gathering information about the locations where these people are living.

People over 100 years old are protected by the Russian government, and we have to receive official permission to meet and interview every one of them. We are now filling out forms and obtaining necessary documents. In one week we will fly to Sweden for our Green Smoothie Retreat. After the retreat we will return to Russia and will start visiting different villages to interview centenarians. We will keep you posted.

A Portrait by a Street Artist

While in Moscow, Sergei had his portrait drawn by a street artist. Here is Sergei’s 1-minute video about this experience:
Sergeis Portrait by a street artist in Moscow

Sergei's New Book

The WIld Edibles Book Wild Edibles: A Practical Guide to Foraging, with Easy Identification of 60 Edible Plants and 67 Recipes

Dear friends,

If you've been following our weekly newsletters, you know how much we value foraged greens. Now, we are happy to announce that Sergei's new book "Wild Edibles" will be out in two months. And this is the official pre-sale!

"Wild Edibles" is written in an inviting style and makes foraging accessible to people of all ages. It is illustrated with over 300 color photos and contains 67 recipes. Whether you live in the United States or abroad, Sergei's book expands on the most common wild edibles found worldwide.

The Miracle of Greens If you pre-order Sergei's new book, you will receive FREE shipping within the US (USA orders please use the following promo code for Free Shipping: WILDEDIBLES, in all other countries standard shipping applies). You will also receive a bonus hard copy of Sergei's DVD "The Miracle of Greens" ($19.95) to further inspire you to attain wild health.

The first 100 people who pre-order "Wild Edibles," will receive an autographed copy.

The price of this book is $19.95

Pre-order "Wild Edibles" by Clicking Here

All orders will be shipped on July 15th, 2013.

Sincerely, Raw Family

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