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1. Delicious Spring Green Smoothie Recipe
2. Ode to Organic Farmers
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Reversing Diabetes Testimonial
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Delicious Spring Green Smoothie Recipe

Blend well:

6-8 Medjool Dates
4-5 cups Miner’s Lettuce
2 cups water
Yields: 1 quart of smoothie

Important! Please make sure you identify Miner's Lettuce correctly before consuming it.

 Vitamin C content in Miner’s Lettuce varies from 120 to 860 mg per 100 g fresh weight!!!!!!!!! [1]

For Comparison:

Good Sources of Vitamin C [2]

Food                                       Amount*

Red Pepper(raw)                 190
Yellow Pepper(raw)             183
Guava                                     100
Kiwi                                           90
Broccoli(raw)                          89
Brussell Sprouts (raw)            85
Papaya                                    60
Strawberry                               60
Orange                                     50
Lemon                                      40
Cantaloupe                              40
Cauliflower                               40
Grapefruit                                30
Spinach                                   30
Cabbage                                 30
Raspberry                               30
Tangerine                                30

*mg of Vitamin C per 100 g

At the same time:

“Dietary surveys carried out in the U.S. population indicate that less than 12 percent of U.S. children and adults meet the recommended level of intake [of vitamin C]. Diet appears to be an important cofactor in the development of obstructive lung disease… and asthma… [New] research should focus on the equally challenging policy issues--namely, finding effective methods of convincing people to increase their daily consumption of fresh fruits and vegetables.”[3]

1-Hippophae Rhamnoides L. M. C. Pearson, J. A. Rogers The Journal of Ecology, Vol. 50, No. 2(Jul., 1962)
3- RomieuI, Trenga C. Diet and obstructive lung disease. Pan American Health Organization and National Institute of Public Health, Center for Population Studies, Cuernavaca, Morelos, Mexico

For more interesting facts about Vitamin C please see May 2007 newsletter

Ode to Organic Farmers

Dear Friends,

We like shopping at stores that carry organic foods. The organic industry is a fast- growing industry in the United States. We’re not the only ones who notice that - large corporations do too. Recently I ran across a unique website created by assistant professor of Michigan State University,Philip H. Howard, PhD. From this website I learned that my favorite frozen fruit company, Cascadian Farms, is in fact owned by General Mills. I contacted Dr. Howard and he graciously gave me permission to publish his research link.You will find out many more connections:

Odwalla- owned by Coca Cola
Naked Juice-owned by Pepsi
Spectrum Organics, Garden of Eden, Celestial Seasonings and others- owned by Heinz
Boca Foods and Back to Nature- owned by Kraft
Dagoba Chocolates- owned by Hershey
Morningstar Farms- owned by Kellogg
Horizon and White Wave - owned by Dean
Nature’s Farm- owned by Tyson
Annie’s Naturals- owned by Solera Capital
Maranatha- owned by American Capital Strat. Ltd.
Power Bars- owned by Nestle
Seeds of Change- owned by M&M Mars

You may see for yourself; look for your favorite companies at this link:

One can imagine how difficult it is to maintain small organic food factories. I once opened a raw food bakery (remember our piroshkis and scones?) and was only able to survive four weeks before I got stuck in debt and had to close down. Since this experience I consider all organic farmers and health food companies to be heroes, as they are competing with those who sell sugar and white flour products. Even though the prices of organic products seem high to us, very often they earn as little as a charity. I completely understand how the smaller companies often feel forced to crawl under the wing of larger corporations. The good news is that we have a way to support small corporations: by buying locally grown food.

Below are two amazingly comprehensive websites that will help you find organic sustainable farms, stores and restaurants in your area. and

In Ashland, Oregon where I live, we have a weekly farmer’s market from the end of March till the middle of November. I go every Tuesday and depending on the season, purchase anywhere from $40 to $80 worth of produce. Then I don’t have to go to the grocery store for my fruits and vegetables. I receive great benefits in buying from local farmers:

~ I save quite a bit of money
~ My produce is of the best quality
~ I support my local organic heroes
~ I receive the enjoyable experience of communicating with the people that grow my food
~ I help save gasoline and the environment by buying food that wasn’t shipped thousands of miles
~ I feel connected to nature and the seasons, even though I spend my life in front of a computer.
~ It tastes so good!

To better understand what it takes for small farmers to make a living, I invite you to watch this heroic video, in which Jaime Jones, owner of The Date People (, climbs a 60 foot ladder, to reach the tops of high date palms.

Turn on the volume, listen to the funky music and enjoy!

I hope you’ll be inspired to get to know and support your local heroes.

Russian Version of Green for Life in Stock

At long last, we have received copies of our Green for Life book in Russian!

Now available at for $11.99

Reversing Diabetes Testimonial

Disclaimer: This testimonial is very inspirational, however,this person made some high risk decisions. Even though we believe in natural healing, The Boutenko family will not accept responsibility for your medical choices. Whatever you decide to do is at your own risk.

 What goes around, comes around. I was blessed to meet Alex at the recent Raw Food Film Festival in California. I didn’t know him before. Alex just walked right up to me and handed me his wonderful testimonial. It is my privilege to introduce to you this beautiful man.

My name is Alex Romanov, and I am writing this in thanksgiving for the help I received from the Boutenko family, which has forever changed my life.

As an adult, I was diagnosed as a type one diabetic. This was determined by the results of a C-peptide assay performed at Century City Hospital in Los Angeles, California while under the care of Dr. Englanoff. I was admitted to the hospital with pneumonia and a septic condition of the blood. I was in end-stage diabetic Ketoacidosis. It was determined that my body was no longer producing insulin.

The news that I was diabetic came as a total shock! Looking back, I realize that I had been experiencing various symptoms for some time. These included frequent urination, insatiable thirst, pain in my feet and legs, blurred vision and slow healing of cuts and bruises.

The diagnosis was devastating for me because, for many years, I had dabbled off and on with raw foods, and felt I was in control of my health. After reading Victoria's Green for Life, I had added smoothies to my diet occasionally with great results.  I now realize that it was those very smoothies that were keeping the diabetes at bay.

I spent 4 days in critical condition in the ICU followed by an additional five days in the hospital. During that time, I found it was difficult not to buy into the doctor's dire predictions. I was told that my life would depend on my taking a large amount of insulin daily.

When I got out of the hospital, I was so sad.  I felt like I had lost control of my health and this horrible "boogeyman" named diabetes had taken charge. I attended classes and clinics, and at every one, I was endlessly informed that I should expect one dire outcome after another.  I was told that the numbness in my feet was Neuropathy and that it could one day lead to amputation. I was warned to have my vision checked because I may develop Retinitis which could lead to blindness.  It was a constant diet of negative outcomes.

I was truly depressed about this, but I started to look to natural ways to deal with this.  I was inspired to contact Victoria from whom I had received great advice several times in the past.  I e-mailed her, described my condition and begged for her help.  She e-mailed me back and said that Sergei would answer my question on his teleconference the next day.
I tuned in via the web, and at the exact time that I connected, I heard Valya reading my question! Sergei said that green smoothies were good for keeping his own blood sugar levels normal, especially with dandelion greens since they contain some insulin. He also shared that mango is healing to the pancreas.  He said that the key to fruit smoothies was the fiber content which mitigates the sugar in the fruit.

I cannot describe the joy and relief I felt at that moment! Sergei's own story inspired me, and his referral to the April 2006 newsletter gave me so much hope. 

The information in that newsletter described others who overcame diabetes, and it made me realize that if they could, I could!

I rushed off to the market and came home with dandelion greens, mangoes and blueberries ready to make a delicious, green smoothie! I measured my blood sugar before the smoothie and two hours after. I made two quarts intending to have only one quart and save the other. It was so wonderful that I ate all of it.

Of course I knew that having a “fruit smoothie” was forbidden by the standard diabetic diet. I was told that I could not have more than one half an apple or banana. I had just consumed four apples, blueberries and three large mangoes in smoothie form!  I felt satiated and well. I tested my blood two hours later and my sugar was LOWER than the previous test. It was then that I knew I found the answer.
I stopped taking insulin that night. I have maintained my raw diet and have two quarts of smoothie per day. My sugar is 70 to 80 pre-meal and never more than 110 post-meal. As a result, I consider myself healed from diabetes since these are normal non diabetic levels.  I have stopped going to the clinic and do not need further allopathic treatment.

Victoria and her family gave me back my health. I turned to them in a moment of darkness and despair, and they made me believe that I could have perfect health again and that with the proper nutrition, my  body would heal this crisis. I cannot express in words how thankful I am. I am eating 100 percent raw with 2-3 quarts of green smoothie daily. My diet before was about 50 percent raw with some cooked vegan.

I understand that my story may be hard for some to accept.  In this society, doctors are respected if not worshiped. When I was under their care at the hospital, I bought into their dire prognosis. I was surprised because it had been years since I believed in allopathy or conventional treatment.

The Boutenkos showed me that there is another way, a natural, pleasant way that ensures a wonderful outcome. I realized that I had a choice.  I could believe in the allopathic approach OR I could believe in my own body's natural ability to heal.

This past weekend, I happily attended the Raw Film Festival and could not wait to tell Victoria my story and thank her in person.  One of the films shown was Valya Boutenko’s “Reversing the Irreversible” which touched me deeply!  In the film, she says that health and well-being “…are as natural as water flowing down a stream” and that“…it is unnatural to be ill.”  In the film, there are those who overcame their diabetes just as I had.

For me,the first step was being able to change my thinking.  This is the extraordinary help that the Boutenkos provide. They offer a personally tested strategy to attain well being and perfect health. I will always remember and be grateful for the hope that they gave me.
I hope my story will inspire others like me to choose a different way, to provide their wondrous bodies with the tools necessary to maintain perfect health. I encourage you to try green smoothies and raw food. Let your glucose meter be your guide as I did.  Allopathy does NOT have all the answers, and there is an alternative.  How blessed we are to have people like the Boutenko family who courageously share their love and hope with the world.

In this time, when disease has become prevalent in our society and the treatment of which is so profitable, their message reminds us that there is another way!

With deepest appreciation and respect,

Alex Romanov

Farewell to Our Educational Package

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