This Week: Your Questions Answered!

Sergei and Valya received the following interesting questions for their teleconferences.

Sergei and Valya

Questions for Valya:

1. What do you do when your children dislike fruits and vegetables?

2. My children simply don’t want to eat healthy. They say, “if it’s raw, I wont eat it!” I don’t know what to do. I am tired of trying to get them to eat right. It seems the more I try, the less they like health food altogether.

3. My children are older and they are not interested in healthy foods? How can I help them eat better? Should I remove cooked foods from my house anyway?

4. When my son visits his father he eats junk food and then feels sick, but I cannot get my X-husband to feed him better, any advice? 5. Is eating healthy in this society too stressful for children? Are the health benefits worth it when compared to the psychological stress produced by the heckling of other children?

6. My daughter is going to a birthday party and I want to help her feel comfortable and eat healthy at the same time. Any suggestions?

7. Is it difficult for you to fit in socially? I mean, if you are invited to a restaurant, what do you do?

8. How is your life different because of the way you eat?

9. What is the single most important thing to know when educating young children about healthful eating?

10. What kinds of foods would you recommend for encouraging picky grandchildren to eat better?

Questions for Sergei:

1. If you travel a lot, how do you maintain a raw food diet, what do you eat?

2. Sergei, do you date only raw/ vegan girls?

3. What do you do besides teaching raw food?

4. When you were in college, did you encounter many problems communicating with others students?

5. Why should I eat wild edibles?

6. How do I know what's edible and what isn't?

7. Aren't all wild edibles bitter and unpleasant?

8. How can I eat wild edibles if I live in the New York City?

9. What is the recipe for green smoothie, (how many greens versus fruit)

10. Do you drink green smoothie every day?

Each of our conferences will last for 90 minutes and will cost $4.99 each or $7.99 for both.

The dates are:

Valya - Wednesday, March 12th at 5 PM Pacific Standard Time

Sergei – Thursday, March 13th at 5 PM Pacific Standard Time

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So gather your friends and loved ones around the computer, . curl up with your green smoothies and listen to our world-wide conversation.

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To help you come up with more interesting questions for our teleconferences, we offer below two excerpts from our new book, Fresh: The Ultimate Live-Food Cookbook.

Valya: “…Apart from the evident health benefits, there were several unexpected changes that occurred when I changed my diet. For example, I stopped fighting with my brother. We went from lashing out and fighting numerous times daily, to hardly ever bickering. We had conflicts, but we no longer felt constantly on the edge of irritability, and learned to resolve them calmly. Since then, my brother became one of my best friends. Also, my studies improved. In school, I went from being a poor student, to an A student in a matter of months. All of a sudden, I found myself able to concentrate whenever I needed, for as long as I needed. I felt as though every subject had become available to me and that there was nothing I could not learn. At the same time, the majority of my fellow third-graders still had trouble focusing. It was difficult for them to simply sit still. They experienced the mood and energy swings that were all too familiar to me. When I changed my diet, I began to enjoy reading. I even started to prefer reading to watching television. Pretty soon I was reading a book a day. After one summer vacation, we were asked to bring a list of the books we had read during the break. When it was my turn to share with my class the books I had read, turning slightly pink, I pulled out a scroll. I had had to staple several sheets of paper together as the list of books I read had grown, and now the paper reached the floor.

I do not think that I am better or smarter than anyone else. I do believe, however, that mental clarity is directly linked to diet. I have heard similar stories from many other students whose performance in school dramatically improved due to dietary changes.


Sergei: “…Throughout the years, raw food eating has been largely a positive experience. However, there have been areas where I have made mistakes and the outcome was less than desirable. Being too strict with diet and trying to be too perfect too fast carried me in the direction of physical exhaustion and severe tooth decay, both of which could have been avoided. In retrospect I now understand that an optimal diet cannot be conceptualized with mind alone. I chuckle about living for an extended length of time solely on orange juice, or without nuts, because at present these ideas seem idiotic. Yet, negative or not, the mistakes I made resulted in research that contributed to better and safer ways of maintaining a raw diet. These advancements should be noted and learned from to prevent further errors from occurring.

One of the biggest mistakes that I made in diet was not eating enough greens. As an aspiring raw eater I preferred the sweet taste of fruits and the fatty consistence of nuts, avocados, and oils, to the rather unpleasant taste of greens. To me, chewing on a piece of kale seemed pointless and unappealing. It is only when I began experiencing low levels of energy and questioning the validity of the raw diet that I was forced to research green leafy veggies and see their true beauty and importance. Green leafy vegetables are the number one most beneficial food for humans. Not only do they poses the vitamins and minerals that our bodies require for daily functions, but greens also present these nutrients in a way that is easily accessible to us. With all the benefits that these miracle plants supply to humans, it is a wonder why I hesitated to incorporate them into my diet.


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