Dear Friends,

I have just returned from Raw Lifestyle Film Festival 2008 in Hollywood, California.

Valya’s documentary. Reversing the Irreversible received a Green Apple Award, accompanied by highly positive feedback from viewers and several offers from large distributing companies. I feel so happy and excited for my daughter.

You can watch the trailer for Valya's movie by clicking here

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Thank you for your pre-orders. We have already prepared envelopes with your names and addresses on them so that we can promptly mail your orders to you as soon as we receive the DVDs from duplication in two weeks or sooner.

During the film festival I was able to watch all of the films and I loved them all without exception! I am grateful to Dorit and her team for discovering so many beautiful movies for the festival. I have contacted the producers of my most favorite movies and will keep you informed on any possibilities of purchasing or watching these films for free.

Today I would like to present two movies:

The short animated film

"The Adventures of  Rawman and Green-Girl"

A new breed of Superhero has emerged to save us from our ecological shortsightedness, and those that would abuse our world for their own benefit.

Running time - 10 minutes
Filmmaker:Ron Gilmore

The film features the voice of Tonya Kay as Green-Girl and Steve Prussack of RawVegan Radio as the Chief.

You may watch it for free at Youtube:

The following film has been honored as a Finalist at the DIY Film Festival and named an Official Selection at the Raw Lifestyle Film Festival.

All Jacked Up

“All Jacked Up” is an angst-driven portrait of four teenagers who discover the truth about their obsessive, addictive, and emotion-fueled eating habits. All this brought on by their parents, schools, and our abusive food system that profits from them with no regard to their well-being.

Melissa, Raquel, Michael and Danny are typical teens with mainstream lifestyles and eating habits. With the help of a curious narrator, they discover what lies beneath their exploitation and how to confront it. Teen emotional and physical conditions are examined by noted experts as the film uncovers an apparent conspiracy that works against the health of an entire generation.

The film’s characters are led on a journey of discovery – they are challenged to recognize their detrimental underlying issues. With the help of experts, and guidance from their peers, they are presented simple solutions to deal with their problems. The teens are challenged to come to grips with their harmful lifestyles and what their unhealthy future holds.

Running time - 110 min
Filmmakers: Jennifer Mattox, Douglas Clemons

You can watch the trailer by clicking here

You may purchase this DVD for $24.95 by clicking here

Enjoy your movies!
In Health,