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1. Another Free Book for Libraries

2. Excerpts from “Fresh”

3. New Book and DVD Now in Stock!

4. Sergei’s Hikes

5. Sergei’s New Comedy on Youtube

12 Steps to Raw Food

Another Free Book for Libraries

Dear Friends,

Since publishing the new edition of my “12 Steps to Raw Foods” book, I have retrieved lots of copies of an older version from bookstores.

I consider the new edition to be so much better, that I encourage everyone to read the new one. The old ones, I have stamped “not for sale” and am currently giving them away to those who absolutely cannot afford to buy a new one. I have sent one copy to every library that you mentioned already in your emails last year, when we were sending out the damaged copies of “Green for Life”. If you know of any more places that could use a free copy of that book, please email me the address. That could include schools, libraries, home schooling groups, shelters, orphanages, ashrams, prisons, nursing homes, hospices, vegetarian groups in third world countries (who can read English), retirement communities, juvenile probation centers, hospitals (hee hee hee) and wherever else you can think of. I have approximately 500 copies left. I would appreciate donations towards postage. Thank you for your help!

Excerpt from the book “Fresh” by Sergei to inspire your creativity in the kitchen

“If we live our lives believing that we are incapable of creating even a simple raw recipe on our own, then how can we do anything that requires more responsibility? I remember one instance when I was scheduled to demonstrate how to make carob truffles but was notified moments before class that none of my recipe ingredients had been delivered. I quickly ran to the kitchen, grabbed whatever I could find, and proceeded to demonstrate making truffles with ingredients I had never used before. My heart pounded anxiously as I passed out samples to a crowd of fifty, hoping my concoction didn’t taste so bad. To my surprise, the room resonated with audible yum’s and wow’s. Everyone was ecstatic. There’s a recipe for the “Sweet and Sour Coconut Truffles” in the dessert section of this book. However, don’t let this recipe limit your imagination. Relying on your self is fun and refreshing! The more I rely on myself, the more surprised I am at not only how easy it is but also how quickly I master things I never suspected I could. I encourage you to use the recipes in this book merely as a guide to creating your own cuisine.”


Excerpt from the book “Fresh” by Valya about true human nature

“Our interests are clues into the heart of who we are. They lead us in the search of an unnamable happiness and satisfaction. I meet people who postpone their dreams their entire lives, never really living for themselves, always too busy to do what they want, needlessly denying themselves the manifestation of their dreams. This pattern leads to an unfortunate disappointment in life. But it is never too late. In every moment we are given the opportunity to change. Why shouldn’t you get what you want? Why are we taught that wanting is wrong? Through repression, wants can become contorted, but in their purest form, they are benevolent. If a want seems dark, there is usually a real need underneath it. For example the want of power can secretly be a desire for approval, which is often the need for self-approval. It is not natural for us to want to hurt one another. I believe that in spite of all historical evidence of the contrary, human nature is compassionate. I came to this conclusion one day when I went to see a sad movie by myself. Half way through the film, I heard some snuffling behind me, so I slid down in my seat and peeked over my shoulder. There were tears streaming down the cheeks of many audience members. I myself had a hard time holding back tears when I saw how moved these people were by the troubles of the strangers on the screen. When the unexpected happy ending took place, the faces of the people in the theater softened into angelic smiles that were so infrequently come by in the daylight. It was remarkable that all of these different people showed such vulnerable emotions when they knew they were not going to be watched and judged for it. “

Fresh and Reversing

New Book and DVD Now in Stock!

We have just finished shipping the preorders of the new book, “Fresh”, and the DVD, “Reversing the Irreversible”. Many of you have probably received your packages already. The book “Fresh” is doing so well that the first printing of 6,000 copies was sold out by Random House in three days. The book immediately went into the second printing, which makes it our best-selling book so far. Please let us know what you think. We are looking forward to your sincere feedback.

Valya Boutenko

Valya’s documentary, as you may already know, received an award at the Raw Food Film Festival last month. You may view the trailer here.

Click here to watch the trailer

Sergei Boutenko

Sergei’s Hikes

Sergei is back in town, exploring different trails every day, finding and bringing home wild greens such as miner’s lettuce and chickweed for our family smoothies. He’s polishing his schedule for the upcoming hiking season and coming up with new ideas to enhance the wild walks.

Check out his schedule here

Sergei’s New Comedy on Youtube

In his spare time, Sergei has created a short comedy spoof about juicing in a blender in silent movie style that you can watch on Youtube. You’ll be sure to crack a smile:

View the movie

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