Stalking Wild Greens

Dear Friends,

Please enjoy this free video where Sergei shows how to safely identify a wild green (Miner’s Lettuce) and to prepare a dish from it. As I wrote in the March newsletter, Miner’s Lettuce is outstandingly nutritious. For example, it contains 20 times more Vitamin C than lemons, gram for gram. Here in Oregon, Miner’s Lettuce grows in abundance right now. Bon  Appétit!

Click here to see the video

Today Sergei is working on a dandelion pesto video. It will appear on YouTube very soon. Keep your eyes peeled!

And amazingly…

Valya was watching the new blockbuster action movie ‘IronMan’ yesterday and she nearly fell off the chair when ‘Iron Man’ showed up with a green smoothie! He kept drinking it throughout the film. I’ve got to go see it for myself!

Happy Smoothies to You All!

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