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Sergei’s Wild Violet Video

Dear Friends,

I am still laughing after watching Sergei’s newest video episode of “Stalking Wild Greens.”

I invite you to watch this informative, light-hearted clip. It will show you how to identify the wild violet, avoid the pink yeti, and make a nori wrap. He made a whole plate of those succulent wraps for our family. Anyone would love the way they taste!

You may view it at:

Wild Violet Video

Sergei and Valya are very fond of incorporating wild edibles into their dishes and have included many recipes using wild edibles in their new recipe book, “Fresh”.

Available now at:

On another note, many people have asked for more details about our upcoming spiritual retreat. Here is how I envision it:

Every participant will learn whatever they need to know about the benefits of greens and green smoothies. By being immersed in green smoothies all day, they will definitely improve their health.

I invited Tom Compton to guide the retreat because he has the most experience working with Byron Katie. Byron Katie calls her system “The Work”. I’ve been through several weeklong retreats with her and I witnessed people who had arrived depressed and even suicidal, leaving in total joy and peace. I was so amazed at the profound impact “the work” has on people, that it has become my dream to incorporate it in my life as much as I can. It is not a religion, but rather a tool to address stressful thoughts. You may learn more about Byron Katie and “the work” at

If you are interested to know more details about the program, please click here:  Retreat

In Health,


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