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Boutenkos in the Natural Health Magazine!

• Recipes for Summer Drinks

• Boutenkos in the Natural Health Magazine!

• Clent Manich Lost 135 Pounds and Reversed Diabetes on Green Smoothies!

• The Green Wave Around the Globe

• Tip for Introducing Babies to Raw Foods

• Deadline Extended for Discounted Pre-registration for ‘Joy for Life’ retreat

• Better Prices for the Economic Crunch

Rose Tea - Photo by Robert Petetit

Summer Drink Recipes from the book Fresh

Rose-Mint Water

1–2 cups freshly picked rose petals ½ bunch fresh mint

Place all ingredients in a glass gallon jar. Fill jar with water. Mix ingredients thoroughly with a spoon or ladle. Cover the top of jar with a lid and place in sunlight for 12 hours. Serve chilled or with ice cubes. Sweeten with honey if desired! Yields 1 gallon.

Sun Tea

This is a great drink on a hot summer day. Sergei likes to drink Sun Tea after running. Sun Tea is a good substitute for black and green teas and coffee.

3 ½ bunch peppermint ½ bunch spearmint Place in a gallon jar and fill with water. Let soak in sun for 8 hours, then enjoy with ice! Yields 1 gallon.

The book Fresh is available from our website

Boutenkos in the Natural Health Magazine

We invite you to enjoy the cover story featuring our family in the July/ August issue of Natural Health, a nationwide magazine. See photos of Sergei slack rope walking, all of us lunching in our kitchen and hiking in the southern Oregon forest. The article relates our family’s amazing recovery from a number of illnesses. This issue has just been released; I bought a copy yesterday in the local co-op for $4.50. You may want to share it with the friends and loved ones you’d like to inspire with the miraculous benefits of raw foods. We are overjoyed that raw foods are becoming known in mainstream culture.

Clent Manich Lost 135 Pounds and Reversed Diabetes on Green Smoothies!

I have received this blissful diary in an email from Clent Manich, a man in Medford, Oregon. He included his entire lab test and weekly measurements of his weight and waistline. After trying green smoothies and noticing the improvements in his health, on January 26th Clent decided to consume only green smoothies for a number of weeks. I did not know about Clent’s experiment until he wrote to me. I met with Clent last week and he gave me permission to share the results of his experiment with my readers.

He is still living on green smoothies today!

Says Clent:

I am following Valerie Winter’s Green Smoothie Experiment, (see link below)

I have combined my Raw Lifestyle Diet and Green Smoothies to closely mimic Dr. Donato's "Get Healthy Boot Camp". (If interested, see this link:

In the morning I have a 12 oz fresh Carrot Juice with Wheat Grass. Next I make a Green Smoothie: enough to have four meals throughout the day. I will have my smoothies every 2-3 hrs. until I have finished them. Along with the smoothie meals I will snack throughout the day on a wide variety of veggies and fruit. All RAW celery sticks, baby carrots, asparagus, sweet peppers, zucchini, broccoli, or any raw veggies. Sometimes I need a sweet and then I grab a banana or peach or a handful of grape tomatoes. Any fruit will do in moderation. If I am hungry, I eat until satisfied. I also drink lots of water all day long. I will not add salt or oils. I blend in 2 tbsp ground Flax seed and 1/2 Avocado per day in Smoothie. No Nuts or Seeds. After I lose my weight I will add them back to my diet.

I was hurting myself during exercise because of being so heavy. Dr. Donato asked me to wait until I was under 300 Lbs. I was over 400 lbs in the beginning. I lost 102 lbs in 14 Weeks. Without exercise. By 19 weeks I had lost 127 lbs, which is exactly how much Dr. Donato weighs. My wife told me that I lost one Dr. Donato. Now I am weight training at the local Gym with Dr. Donato as my guide, 3 days a week, and doing light cardio/anaerobic exercise daily.

So far I have lost 138 lbs in 21 Weeks. I had type 2 Diabetes. I have now cured my Diabetes and currently weigh 262 lbs. My Goal is to get down to 170 lbs. by the end of the year. Only 92 lbs to go. Easy! I began January 26th this year. That will be 230 Lbs. lost in less than one year. I am currently training to climb/hike Mt. Whitney in September.

If anyone has questions about my program, or just want to comment, please email me at . I will have a blog site soon, where I will write Weekly Updates! Below are three of my photos: 1) Jan 26th at 400.6 Lbs. 2) 298 Lbs (14 Weeks Later-lost 102 lbs) 3) 268 Lbs. (Week 20)

Disclaimer: Clent's weight loss program is not designed for anyone to model after. You must first consult with your physician before making any lifestyle changes.

1) Jan 26th at 400.6 Lbs. 2) 298 Lbs (14 Weeks Later-lost 102 lbs) 3) 268 Lbs. (Week 20)

Disclaimer: Clent's weight loss program is not designed for anyone to model after. You must first consult with your physician before making any lifestyle changes.

Weekly Loss *Week 21 Update* 6/21/08 = 265.0 (-3.0) *It's official! I no longer have Diabetes!!!!!!!!!!

6/14/08 = 268.0 (-5.4) *Down seven Pant sizes (56 to a 42) 14 inches off waist on 06/13.

To continue reading Clent’s weekly log, click here:

The Green Wave around the Globe

Green for Life is the book that helped Clent to start the raw diet. Every day I receive many testimonials from people around the globe who love green smoothies. Here are some of them:

Hi Victoria! I have read the book Green For Life about three times now! Those happy green drinks are especially appreciated! I honestly believe that if it wasn't for your book I wouldn't have risen to the higher realm of live food. Your book has brought me and my brother peace. Thank You! I bless you with all the love and enlightenment you have brought to me! - Jean

Dear Victoria, I have just finished reading your book green for life and loved it. I can't wait to start on the green smoothies. Priyanka, New Delhi, India

I read the book and applied it. Plain and simple truth followed by plain and simple preparing of green smoothies. Three weeks now and the children (13 and 11) ask for it every day. They can appreciate the changes that their bodies and minds are experiencing. They also are changing their diets on their own. Small changes but good ones. I am in awe of the power of green. I thought it wouldn't hurt anything just to try it and the benefits have been so worth the small effort. This book is simple to understand and apply. I highly recommend it. Mimi, TX

I read your book “Green for Life” a week ago and I'm overwhelmed. I like to make smoothies from everything now. My kids like to drink their greens that way. Marijana P. from Croatia

To read more feedback from our readers, please click here:

Click here to order Green for Life

Tip for Introducing Babies to Raw Foods

I spent last weekend with my older son Stephan’s family in Seattle. It was wonderful to take my two grandchildren on long walks. My daughter in love, Tasia, uses an interesting little tool to feed her nine-month-old baby girl, Lily. It is called Munchkin, and you can see it in the following picture:

Munchkin makes a fresh food feeder. You may put any raw fruits or vegetables inside the packet, even things like celery, kale or raspberries. The baby can safely chew and suck on it without danger of choking. As you know, babies like to put everything in their mouths. The Munchkin Feeder enables them to taste a wide spectrum of produce, thus developing familiarity with healthful choices.

Deadline Extended for Discounted Pre-registration for ‘Joy for Life’ retreat

I am pleased to pass on the latest updates:

• We have received many requests to extend the deadline for discounted preregistration for our retreat, so our new deadline is July 7th.

• The retreat center still has three beds available at $45 a night in their bunk house and one room off the house (the Beach Room) for $65 a night.

You can sign up for the spiritual retreat here

Better prices for the economic crunch

Considering today’s economic challenges and the high costs of shipping, we have restructured all of our product prices. We hope that your pocketbook will benefit.

• All orders exceeding $50, receive a 20% discount.

• Orders over $100 receive a 30% discount.

• Orders over $300 receive a 40% discount.

Let us spread the good news.

In Health, Victoria

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