Pomegranate Green Smoothie

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Pomegranate Green Smoothie

Israeli researchers discovered that pomegranate juice has antioxidant properties, and that the fruit could have important implications for breast cancer treatment and estrogen replacement therapy.

The Technion-Israel Institute of Technology research team presented two studies indicating that pomegranate seed oil triggers apoptosis -- a self-destruct mechanism in breast cancer cells. Furthermore, pomegranate juice can be toxic to most estrogen-dependent breast cancer cells, while leaving normal breast cells largely unaffected.

Every pomegranate is composed of exactly 840 seeds, each surrounded by a sac of sweet-tart juice contained by a thin skin. Many people eat the fresh fruit by chewing on the seeds to release the juice from the sacs and then swallow seeds and all. The seeds are considered good roughage to help cleanse the body. In India, the seeds are dried and ground into a powder to be used in meat dishes.

Sources: Pomegranate Seed Oil Causes Breast Cancer Cells to Self-Destruct August 21, 2001 http://www.ats.org/news.php?id=32


Here is a delicious anti cancer smoothie recipe:

1 cup pomegranate seeds

1 cup spinach

1 cup water

Blend all ingredients well.


Important note: If you have a high speed blender (Vita-Mix or Blendtec) you can put pomegranate seeds, both juicy and hard parts of the seeds and blend them to a smooth consistency. If you have a regular blender, you may want to extract a juice from your pomegranate first and then add spinach and blend into a smoothie. You may juice a pomegranate in almost any citrus juicer..

If you have Sergei and Valya’s book Fresh, it has colored instructions on how to extract pomegranate seeds.

Information on ordering a Vitamix Blender

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A beautiful, Lovingly Created Weight Loss Program

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Disclaimer: This testimonial is very inspirational, however, this person made some high risk decisions. Even though we believe in natural healing, the Boutenko family will not accept responsibility for your medical choices. Whatever you decide to do is at your own risk.

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