Continued from Victoria’s Febuary 2011 Newsletter:

Last week, 14 health experts presented their case for the healthiest diet possible.

Some of the experts included were:

- Dr. Joseph Mercola

- Dr. Gabriel Cousens

- Dr. Joel Fuhrman

- Jonny Bowden

- Dr. Robert O. Young

- Donna Gates

- David Wolfe

- T. Colin Campbell

- Sally Fallon

- And more!

Many of these experts have different opinions on health and the idea of the event was to bring them all together to come to a more specific understanding of what works and what doesn’t!

If you’d like to hear these lectures, you may get all 14 hours or so of great content here…

The Great Health Debate

The price will remain at $49.95 until Friday February 18th at 11:59 PM PST. After that it will go up to it’s original price.

Some of the topics that were covered were:

  • - Is meat nutritionally good or bad?
  • - Can you eat vegan or raw and still be healthy?
  • - Are dairy products incredible elixirs or heart clogging sludge?
  • - What diet did our ancestors really eat?
  • - Are we able to live on a vegan or raw food diet based on the technology we have today?
  • - What fat soluble vitamins and nutrition are in animal products that are essential to life? (And if you’re a vegan, how to get them…)
  • - Are fermented foods good for you, or do they break down the body even more?
  • - Why is there so much mis-information and disagreement between health and diet experts?
  • - What about carbs, or fruit, or any other food… what is OK to eat and what is not?
  • - Plus, many, many more!

Here’s where you can read more…

The Great Health Debate

Love, Victoria

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