Joy for Life Retreats

Green Smoothies and The Work of Byron Katie with The Raw Family and Victoria Boutenko

Joy for Life Retreat in Canada: Aug 1st – Aug 7th

The Joy for life Retreat is a unique opportunity to nourish and rejuvenate your health while embracing the opportunity for self realization

We are looking forward to our next Joy for Life Retreat, being held at Oceans Resort on Vancouver Island. Oceans Resort is one of our favorite locations because it is a beautiful property next to the sea, and the grounds are designed especially for healing and relaxation.

The retreat will show you the power and potential of green smoothies.  Each day you will be served 4 different green smoothies along with fresh organic fruit and vegetables. This will give your body a chance to be revived and, as in past retreats, it could enable you to look and feel ten years younger!

Green smoothies are only one aspect of this week, you will also be given a chance to immerse yourself in The Work of Byron Katie.  The Work is a transformative process of inquiry into thoughts and truth. We are lucky to have Tom Compton facilitate The Work at our retreats. Tom has years of experience with this process and an amazing ability to guide in a heart felt and informed way, helping everyone to understand the true nature of their thoughts and themselves.

Victoria, Sergei and Valya Boutenko will be your hosts for the week. The Raw Family will teach classes on the miracle of greens, wild edibles, green smoothie preparation and their own experiences.

The Boutneko’s and Tom believe that the combination of green smoothies and The Work is very complementary and effective. The program is intended to help  you come away feeling physically rejuvenated and mentally cleansed.

The cost is $695 plus accommodation. Please go to the Joy For life Retreat web site for more details and registration.

From a past Participant:

“I wanted to take this time to let you know how much the Palisades Retreat changed my life. First of all, I lost 11 pounds. I weighed 189 lbs before I left and weighed 178 lbs when I got back home. I noticed how much more energy I had during the retreat even though I was only sleeping 3-4 hours per night. On the health side, the facts I learned from Victoria and the Cancer movie, part 1 & 2, have completely changed the way I am going to eat, especially meat. I immediately went to a Mediterranean restaurant Saturday night and ate mostly raw salad & some cooked vegetables. I feel more alert and find myself going out of my way to say hello to strangers instead of walking by them at the store. I never want to lose that feeling again.

Tom’s workshop on “The Work” caused me to check myself immediately when I have a negative emotional reaction to something. It was a great combination, health and emotional recovery, I feel so good.”

Read more feedback from past participants here

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