A little over 2 years ago I was diagnosed with lung cancer (I have never smoked) the oncologist wanted me to have surgery followed by chemo right away.  My health at that time was not good. Because of my health and my age (71) I didn’t think I would survive such a surgery. I also did not go through chemo. Instead I went to the Optimum Health Institute in San Diego CA for 2 weeks. I continued a program of raw food and wheat grass juice for a few more months. A CAT scan  of my lungs taken at that time showed that the nodule was still there, and had grown slightly. I decided not to delay surgery any longer and had 1/3 of my right lung removed.  The surgeon said that my blood work and other tests looked very good, and I went through the surgery very well. Six months later another CAT scan was taken and something was showing up on my left long. We waited another six months, during which time I was still drinking 2-3 oz. of wheatgrass daily. Another scan showed that the spot was still there. It was at this time I attended your lecture in St George Utah, and decided to start drinking the green smoothies. I had heard that cancer thrives on sugar, even the sugar in fruit.  After thinking it all through I decided to go ahead and drink the smoothies anyway and did so every day for the past 6 months. A PET scan was then taken, a full body scan to see if anything had spread to some other part of my body. This was over a month ago now and the surgeon said that everything was clear, even the spot on my left lung was no longer there. I have been given a clean bill of health by my surgeon. The only thing different that I did was add the green smoothie to my diet. I was still taking the wheatgrass juice. I feel great!  Thank you Victoria for sharing your knowledge and for your dedication to helping others.

Forever Grateful, L.V. from Utah, USA


I am a middle school teacher of English in Taipei, Taiwan, with a very stressful life. As a result of my annual physical exam, I was told that I had pancreatic cancer, as the CE190 test came at a level of 40. Normal is 33. I felt scared and didn’t want to die. I have two daughters who are still in school and entirely depend on me. Instead of taking a traditional medical way, I tried drinking wheatgrass juice, but I couldn’t tolerate the taste at all. I began to eat raw fruits and vegetables and stopped eating meat and dairy products. After three months, I was again tested. The test again came out with a level of 40. Doctors told me that my cancer was not progressing, but it was also not diminishing. Then I read Victoria’s book and learned about green smoothies. I began drinking 16 ounces of the green smoothies daily, and they became a regular part of my daily diet. I usually used orange juice as liquid, added a banana, and pineapple or mango. The green was parsley, sunflower sprouts, romaine lettuce and young pea sprouts. After another three months, when I returned to do my follow up check-up, the CE190 test showed a level of 28, better than normal! I believe that the *green smoothies saved my life*.

S. Chiao, Taiwan

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